Fairy achievements?


Re:Fairy achievements?

[Post New]by CherylParker on Oct 24, 14 3:28 AM
I had the same problem with the Silver Fairy. The flowers I collected would pop back into the diary. And when I clicked on the Fairy the game froze.
So I deleted my profile and started over.
But this time I waited to get all five of the flowers in the diary at once.
I think if you don't have all of them in your diary you have this problem with the Silver Fairy.
You can read your diary entries just don't click on the flowers until all 5 flowers are there. Which is when you get the entry about the Red Blood Moon. Which is the ending of the fourth chapter or the very beginning of the fifth chapter.
It's after you get out of the swamp.
It doesn't matter what order you get the fairies in. You can get the bronze and gold or you can wait.
You just can't try for the Silver Fairy until you have all 5 entries with flowers.
A little repetitive, I'm sorry about that.
I just know how aggravating it is not to be able to get one achievement cause the Devs either made it that way or it is a serious glitch.

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Re:Fairy achievements?

[Post New]by gameplayer43 on Oct 27, 14 7:03 PM
I finally got all three fairies. Had to play the full main game twice to get the map for the bronze and the diaries entries.


Re:Fairy achievements?

[Post New]by MePrest on Nov 4, 14 7:27 PM
If you are getting the glitch to get the silver fairy... I figured out how to get past it!

The silver fairy can be found in the diary (for you that didn't know) - look for flowers in the book. Now, if you had been getting the glitches - you'll need to create a new profile and start brand new. This didn't work until I did this.

Go through the game and don't go through the diary until right before you "control" the scarecrow. That is when you want to go in. Go through the diary to find the flowers. After each flower you find, click on the picture of the silver fairy and you'll see each piece of her puzzle fill in. Do this until the picture fills in completely - all 5 pieces.

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Re:Fairy achievements?

[Post New]by Sixxygrrl on Nov 11, 14 2:55 AM
NanaPinheiro wrote:That is the most difficult achievement I ever saw . I became suspicious about the drawing of a fairy in the extras menu. So based on the description of what each fairy likes I started to click every part of the scene. The green medallion brought me a part of the Golden fairy and when I started to look for other ones I found one more when I opened the music menu(clicking on the background upper right side).
One more was in one of the pictures of the wallpaper( the one that has a girl and a woman-a flower) and one more on the sketches( don't remember wich one).
I am still looking for a single one that rests for me to complete this entire fairy( a wing).
It's a huge headache but I am a persistente person and hope when I finally find the last piece the other two fairy's pictures appears so I can look the same way for their parts. Can you share your discovers with me? If you have enough patience to it
the final wing is in the collections screen in the medallion looking deal in the center. Good luck!

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Re:Fairy achievements?

[Post New]by sweatpea_25 on Feb 24, 15 5:49 PM
If you want the silver fairy, you have to start the main game again with the same profile, just start and DO NOT open your diary until you get to the Red Moon chapter then open your diary and click on the pictures and select each flower you should be able to get the fairy then, it worked for me. Again, Don't open your diary for any reason until you get to the Red Moon chapter. I am having the issue with the fresco pieces and it wont give me the Perfectionist Achievement I played this game from the beginning probably seven or eight times because of silver fairy glitch the the chain in the Bonus chapter glitch. If you are having that issue I posted a discussion on the forum about the silver fairy and Bonus Chapter chain. if anyone knows a tip on the perfectionist achievement please let me know. Hope this helps.

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