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Please post any TECH ISSUES for Final Cut: The True Escapade here!

[Post New]by twin222 on Dec 13, 14 3:24 AM
Newlka wrote:
dustybritches wrote:I have windows 8.1 and game downloaded fine and was playing fine until I had to exit game. Now comes the nightmare. I sign back in ready to continue my game.
Then, good grief it has me doing over all the stuff I had already done and looking for stuff I needed and already have. So needless to say I can not advance because I am suppose to find stuff I already found but game is showing I still need to find it.
If you can't follow me and are confused then you know what I am going through.
Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestion??

Hi Dusty,

Here comes what I have been talking about. If you exit at any stage of your game process, or if you play all along until the end and then exit, your game process will not be saved. That means you will need to start all over again and bottom line, you will never be able to play the bonus game, even if you played the whole game right from the start until the end in one session. Don't blame yourself or your PC. It is a huge software glitch. You may contact customer relations and ask for a refund or may wait for a patch (update).
HEY BIGFISH, TIME FOR AN UPDATE ON THIS GAME!!!!!!! Personally I would appreciate an update as a I liked the main game and would be interested in the bonus. If no patch within a week, I will ask a refund.

Same with me - started three times now from the beginning - everytime I close the game, my profile is gone!!! Will not do this again...

Just de- and re-installed - no change.

Just got a new game from Eipix in beta version for testing - same problem there - no hint or skip function working, no profile saving...

running windows 8. just checked all my drivers - they are up to date...

BiGFISH - please fix! was a lot of money for this game!!!

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Re:Please post any TECH ISSUES for Final Cut: The True Escapade here!

[Post New]by Buffie7 on Feb 27, 15 4:26 PM
I am up on the roof, but he won't take the film canister! I can't go on...I can only move off the roof with the map...even back down the ladder is not available

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