Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by thumpertail on Jan 9, 15 6:21 PM
somebody else did this game,ghostwriting ce,i have them all and there is great gaming in them,this one is cheap minded,dont no if i can play it all the way somebody over there better go back to the drawing board,losing money game on midnight mysteries in future i will have to play my hole 90 mins before i get sucker in to buying another m/m game wake up over there somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by Radgame on Jan 20, 15 5:30 PM
Based on completed game:

Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! Well, except the blinding lights at every book opening.

I got the CE (on sale) because it shows if a clover is yet to be found (I still missed 10....ha, ha!). Otherwise, it takes me too long to finish CEs.

At times, game play was a bit jerky/sticky + it crashed once (after meeting Oliver Twist). Once I unchecked custom cursor, there were no more glitches.

The entire game flowed well w/ no unnecessary back-and-forth. Graphics were clear, crisp and bright. Don't know about VOs. The transport map was very helpful but, I didn't use it too often because it was easy to remember the locations, etc. The shadowgraphs were very different as were all the puzzles. I played it over 3 days and overall, was always drawn into the story. A truly refreshing change!

I don't recall the previous games in this series (ha, not an avid gamer!).....that's probably why I enjoyed this one as-is.

IMO, this will also be a brilliant (and lengthy) SE.....deserves 5+ stars.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by cansel65 on Jan 25, 15 7:25 AM

As far as the content goes, I enjoyed it the concept, I would have liked a little less of the Shadow theater. Although the information is important to the game, I would have liked to have worked a little harder for it. Something more than just placing cards in order.

There were some puzzles that definitely took some thought to get through, but that's what I enjoy about these types of games!

I found the ending to be some what of a letdown. We have had all of these challenges/puzzles to get us to this point, and the final one was way too easy. It was like the creators were tired of dealing with it and just said "one puzzle and done'.

Technical Issues and Glitches:

I received the game after the latest update - but there are apparently still glitches. Was this beta tested?

The first time I tried to play this, 1/23-1/24, I made it to the point where you needed the termites. I had collected them, and had tried them in a few places. When I realized where they were needed, I went to use them and they were no longer in my inventory. I had no way to get them again, no way to redo the chapter. So I created a new profile and started playing again.

So on 1/24, I sat down and completed the game in one sitting. I never exited the game, I just paused it when I would get up from my desk. Finished the game, and was playing the bonus chapter (which was showing the room under my original profile for some reason). Game play was a little choppy at this point, and then all of a sudden I received a popup window with an error message, shutting down the game. When I came back in new profile was gone, and everything I had just done was lost. (I posted under technical issues).

I've actually just uninstalled/reinstalled and will be playing it again today. Yes - I'm a glutton for punishment.

Overall Thoughts:

It needs some tweeking, to fix the issues that are happening Placement of the mouse is key in a few places. Items being removed from inventory (I've seen several posts on both issues). Other than that it is a fun/challenging game.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by griffgirl on Feb 11, 15 2:09 PM
No problems other than for me it ran very slow. Could not pick up more than one item at a time. I played the game on custom.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by Zurreen on Jul 8, 15 11:25 AM
EXCELLENT GAME!!! No doubt about it. Intriguing storyline, great HOPs and puzzles, and great graphics to boot! A lot of HO games tend to load so many HOPs and puzzles that many gamers tend to forget the storyline, or at least just where they were in that storyline! All the Collector's Edition games I have ever played tend to especially suffer from this problem: they load the game with so many Achievements, they overwhelm the gamer. It's a challenge to even remember the storyline what with trying to get those numerous achievements that really add nothing but frustration to the game. But this game (Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE) suffers from none of these "hazards." It has just the right number of HOPs, puzzles and Achievements.

In short, I really loved this game! It was definitely the BEST EVER Midnight Mysteries game and, quite likely, the best ever HIDDEN OBJECT game I ever played as well.

My highest compliments to the Developers! Great job indeed, guys!!! And I hope you will make more games like this in the future too!!!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by sfr8rfan on Oct 24, 15 4:18 AM
Part One of Two

The Mystery Here is What Has Happened to This Once Exceptional Series!

I have been going through my extensive inventory of games. I developed a bad habit over a year ago: I played the trial hour and wrote a review If I liked the trial I'd buy the game and play a bit more...until the next game I felt I needed to play and review.

As a result, games sat unfinished. Now I'm discovering a multitude of games where I have earned three or four of the several achievements; I've earned several of the collectibles; and, unfortunately, I possess little or no memory of the game. This is like finding buried treasure now. Sometimes. On some occasions, the first hour of games is the best. Developers put their best foot forward in that hour, because it's that experience which motivates most of us to buy...or causes us not to buy. Sometime, however, moving beyond the first hour results in diminishing returns.

This is the case with Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting. Truth be told, I'd have purchased this game in any event and sight unseen, because of the exceptional games in the series which preceded it.

I can't add much to the review given by Sunnyglow. She is fully on target with her comments. At this point, however, I've played approximately half the main game of the CE on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.9.5.

Here are some comments:
A. The game is disjointed. It's not an issue of jumping from place to place...that's not so bad. It's the lack of connectivity between scenes. For someone who puts Storyline ahead of anything, as I do, this game is particularly bad. Ghostwriting doesn't progress. It moves from one scene to another with little to zero connectivity.
Is this my fault? Maybe. It could be a function of my ignorance of the literature being referenced in this game.

Still, if this is the case and my own ignorance is the culprit, not this game...NOR ANY GAME...should require an in depth knowledge of another source. The game should stand on its own. SCENES IN THE GAME SHOULD NOT.

B. A new feature added (or, really, subtraction by addition) is disco-like sparkles conflated with a sparkly "sound effect" upon locating a hidden object, a clover (retained from the previous games), a "raven coin" with which you can purchase raven "accessories" from the Raven Room.

To be continued

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting CE here!

[Post New]by sfr8rfan on Oct 24, 15 4:40 AM
Part Two of Two

C. Not only are the scenes within Ghostwriting disjointed, the mini-games are also disjointed: they bear little relationship to the scenes in which they are situated.

D. While the the first puzzles were familiar games, farther into Ghostwriting, the games became "different." At first I wasn't sure if they were incredibly creative or just bizarre. I've concluded they are bizarre. I'll give two examples:

1. A scene featuring "porcelain figurines" requires proper placement of 8 more figurines of birds, a dog, a basket of tomatoes and other items into their "logical" place. First, I'm not convinced they were all logical. Second, I don't know how this mini-game fits into the "whole game." What do porcelain figurines of animals have to do with ANYTHING related to a mystery game (unless it were the Hound of the Baskervilles)? If it's a reference to one of the books, it's unknown to me.

2. Another game requires placing misplaced items from a picture into the appropriate spot. Yes, the game was difficult because of the unclear drawings. More than that, it sprang out of nowhere. Washington Irving was about to drown in a swamp (really?) and required a a rope ladder in order to climb to safety. Shortly thereafter came the puzzle.

(Side note: Poor grammar is never good. The written text was accompanying this is: "I can become in Irving's situation if I step on the swamp without a special boots." WHAT???

Additionally, there are other issues, technical issues, with this game that resulted in the cessation of my game playing and the beginning of this review.

E. Finally, a few people have noted "jerky" movements and delayed movements that seem to be related to the "animated cursor." This is my experience as well. It's fitting: the scenes in the game are disjointed, the games in the scenes are disjointed, simple game play is disjointed.

This game is a huge disappointment. The earlier games in this series are among my all-time favorites. Ghostwriting must have been ghostwritten. It bears no resemblance to earlier iterations of Midnight Mysteries.

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