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Re:Stuck on the last numbers puzzle

[Post New]by DISCODAVE on May 27, 09 9:45 AM
chris30s wrote:
SylviaDare wrote:I am also stuck on the last puzzle with the table with numbers. I cannot seem to figure it out. If someone could help me please do so.


Did you read my post above? It gives you a spoiler to solve this.


Re:Stuck on the last numbers puzzle

[Post New]by 5461doug on May 29, 09 5:25 PM
Having problem with the puzzles underneath. I can solve the pipes, water and mosaic puzzle. However I cannot get the gears to turn even though they look like they are matched.

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Stuck on last of Game

[Post New]by laurimd on Jun 23, 09 2:28 PM
ptrish52 wrote:I've done everything to do except use the brick. I put the puzzle together and placed the keys in their colored spots but it still will not go on. When I use hints it tells me to go to the puzzle and if I wait awhile and use the hint again, it tells me to close the puzzle. HELP!

This reads almost exactly word for word as I wrote it in my post SOMEONE PLEASE HELP etc. If you get an answer or figure it out, please let me know! I have driven myself crazy trying to finish this game and I am getting very frustrated! Maybe some of you who have been answering posts about the numbers can help us out with this---please Don't refer to spoilers or walk-throughs, because believe me, I have tried them all!! Take pity on us poor little confused Thanks from the bottom of my little fishie heart!


Re:Stuck on the last numbers puzzle

[Post New]by annajohn on Jun 26, 09 5:27 PM
Thank you thank you I was ready to loose my mind. They should have clarified it better Thanks again


Stuck on the last numbers puzzle

[Post New]by LAIDIG on Jul 10, 09 2:04 PM
tillybaby wrote:Please can anyone help me?

It's right at the end of the game and I'm a bit fed up at not being able to finish it,

Thank you in advance.

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