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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition here!

[Post New]by lunachan on Jan 25, 15 4:34 PM
I only played the demo but I really like this game--a lot of effort was put into making it & was time well spent. There's so much to do: Collect the codeminon logos (which are well hidden),ihogs,jump map with lots of locations,puzzles are simple enough (if they're too hard it takes away from enjoying these kind of games IMHO), the story is intriguing (although in the beginning I cringed at the "save your daughter!" aspect), the graphics are well done and fit the tone of the story. Note: If you don't like eerie games---don't play dark titles. I happen to love 'em. And this game has accomplished one thing that no game in a year has managed to:
Give me, a hard-core horror movie fan- jump scares! !!!!
So I'd give it 4.3
(only cause the rescue story line and (I may be wrong..) seems like there's some kind of carnival theme later on both have been overdone in many games.
I recommend this game
PS: I really wish (as CyndiLouWho2 said in other forum) people would Please refrain from telling whole story in reviews....can cause others to not want to play....cuz' the mystery's gone.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition here!

[Post New]by analogmama on Feb 10, 15 8:45 AM
Though it's unfair to compare the game to the original - I'm going to. The first game played merry malice with the player with dead souls insisting they're not, and keeping you guessing, as well. You had to learn about the characters from their actions and words, and the more you learned, the creepier things got. They engaged the player in their world.

This one? I still don't have any idea why little sis was crying to Mummy about 'don't you see?!'. No twists, no mind games, just "go rescue your kid ". The ghosts flat out say "Hi! I'm totes a ghost. Welcome to (an anachronistic nightmare of) 1965! BTW, be a dear and free me from my torment?"

Marching into the school, Mum tells us that her father died there. ...Which leads us to believe her Dad was a high school student, going to the prom, while presumably his girlfriend or teen bride was home caring for baby. Later, you gather that Dad was working at the cosmetic plant which though it was able to create this nasty psycho gas... is really pretty tame now.

Point being, there are no secrets that you unravel, there is no disaster to face or avert, it's just ... Run around and free souls. There wasn't any sense of time running out or of realizing you'd been duped. I couldn't even tell you why the bad guy dude was doing the bad guy schtick. It's not like he was denying being dead and oh hai, I need a date for the prom.

THAT said, mega kudos on the HOGs. They were interesting and clever. The puzzles could have been better, and I still haven't figured out the math for the roller coaster ride, but I suck at math anyhow.

As always, beautiful scenes, great voice acting - though the animated live actors were a bit jarring to my eyes. But it was more like another Redemption Cemetery game than a Phantasmat.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition here!

[Post New]by kmills1944 on Feb 10, 15 6:33 PM
i really liked this game. for one thing it has more hog's than most others.i buy hidden object games for hidden objects not mini games and i'm really upset because so many now have almost all mini games.i will quit buying the ones from those developers.this one was very good and i love love love the different hidden object types. have no complaints about this one at all.keep doing well with the hidden object scenes and i will keep buying

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition here!

[Post New]by rdekker1 on Jul 13, 15 7:27 PM
I enjoyed this game a lot. One of my favorites that I have played in a while. Loved the match 3. Mostly played that instead of the HO. And loved the bonus chapter. Sometimes I get bored with the bonus games but not this one.
Just also played the demo for the next Phastasmat and I am certainly buying it.

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