Re:game.etc error, access violation problems

[Post New]by Avalon226 on Dec 18, 10 9:23 PM
24fames1 wrote:try adjusting your screen resolution if you get the game started on main menu goto options at top of screen then adjust by lowering screen resolution, mines on 1024 768
it runs great now lower the number the faster processing the graphics

I took my resolution down one size, now, not sure why, maybe for some games that is max ?????
Thanks so much, was getting frustrated also.....
PS...sending this to BF Support, dealt with them too

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Re:game.etc error, access violation problems

[Post New]by bcorsica on Apr 9, 11 10:33 AM
I did not have any problems til I got to the catapult. I started to get a message telling me that I used over 69% of my unit...then as soon as I had things ready to soon as I touch the arrows...I get a grey screen...tried to lower my screen resolution, even lower that I read, but nothing works...any advices ? Such a great game...and so far in it, hate the fact I cannot play it ! Thanks.

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