Re:Regarding the Golden Armor (Spoilers)

[Post New]by almostanangel on Jan 9, 16 7:40 PM
Okay, I've gotten the Golden Armor quest before and completed it. Now I'm trying to complete the whole game WITH the quest so that I can get 300 stars. The problem is, I can't trigger the guard to trade the ball with me for some reason. Help?

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Re:Regarding the Golden Armor (Spoilers)

[Post New]by Hespera on Mar 2, 16 5:31 PM
Click on the ball behind him.


Re:Regarding the Golden Armor (Spoilers)

[Post New]by graceland9 on Apr 10, 16 2:30 PM
You ROCK. I was wondering what I should do with all my runestones.

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Re:Regarding the Golden Armor (Spoilers)

[Post New]by gwenofala on Apr 12, 16 8:18 AM
Thank you soooooo much ! I got it !


Regarding the Golden Armor (Spoilers)

[Post New]by TheTwoColoured on Jul 4, 16 12:30 PM
Hespera wrote:This gives the location of the rune stones and the triangle and round stones. (I replayed the game late last night 'til early this morning )

I encourage you to look for and find these things yourself, because it's lots more fun. But if you're truly stuck, here are answers: Remember, in order to speak to any of the villagers on Salamander Island, you must first satisfy the chief.
Highlight to read:

Triangle Stones - 1 is in the water to the left of the ship, a little further than the tall rocks. The second 1 in on land - it's on the ground in front of where the chief is standing.
Round Stones - 1 Round stone is held by a guard on the pier directly in front of the ship. He will trade it for a cannon ball. You can see the round stone if you look closely at the pier. The second round stone can be found in a cave up above the village. You'll get access to this level when you are given the quest to build the crown and you want something from another of the villagers.

On Salamander Island, you will see some old ruins. Click on them to activate the quest for the armor.

The Blue Rune Stone is in the cave on HIdden Lagoon. You'll have to use a lock pick to get it.
The Green Rune Stone is in the left cave on the Forbidden Coast. You'll need a lock pick to get it.
The Red Rune Stone will be given to you by a native on Salamander Island when you find and return his necklace (its in the water right in front of the ship).

Edited to correct a couple of typos.

Thanks for the guide, Hespera. However, I can not find the guard. Can you give me his exact location? I searched and clicked the whole City Dock and could not find him. Thank you.

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