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Re:Which AES buildings have minigames?

[Post New]by eli173 on Jun 9, 15 8:12 AM
JB4510 wrote:Re: Age of Exploration - I've just completed all three mini games in that building, as of June 9th.This is just the order in which the tasks finally appeared to me. I’m betting once you find any piece or two, the quests will appear.

There is something funky about the way it works. I completed the building a few days ago and nothing happened. I then clicked on one of the displays and got a quest to complete all three displays. As I clicked on each display, a separate quest appeared to complete that display. When I clicked on "Go" within each quest nothing happened. In just looking, (not playing) through at World sites, I didn’t seeing any parts, using the "hint" button did nothing, nor did anything else. I came here, see it listed as not working so went on to other tasks.

I just posted in another thread and I am repeating here:

This doesn't make much sense to me. The sequence in all these AES buildings is that you get quests to complete various artifacts, finding the pieces in various countries as you describe. After you complete the artifacts, in some of the buildings these change into a minigame, to which you can return and play again and again. From what you describe (where to find the pieces etc) it seems that you only got the quests to complete the artifacts. Did they change into minigames afterwards???? Or by "minigames" you mean the quests themselves?

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