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Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by LizzieK on Jul 12, 09 6:01 AM
BICHONnME wrote:I'm stuck on the very last puzzle. The sequence of the keys. The solution shown in the walkthrough does not work. I'm really confused with this one and not fully understanding how to solve it. Can someone help me, please.
This puzzle is random. This is a sequence logic puzzle. No two puzzles are the same.

You start by placing 4 keys in the bottom row. Then look to the right to see if you got any green check marks or yellow question marks.

If you get a green check mark that means that a key is the correct key and it is in the correct position.

If you get a yellow question mark that means you have a correct key but it is in the wrong position in the row.

If you get no green check mark and no yellow question mark then you don’t have a correct key that is used in the puzzle.

For example, if you place 4 keys on the row and get 2 green check marks and one yellow question mark, then 2 of your keys are correct keys and are in the right position, 1 of your keys is a correct key and is not in the correct position and 1 of your keys is not used in the solution.

You can start the puzzle by placing 4 of the exact same key in the bottom row. You will either get a green check mark or nothing. If you get nothing then that key will not be used in the solution. If you get a green check mark then place that key in the second row with 3 of the same kind of another key. Then if you get 2 green check marks, two yellow question marks, or one of each, then you know that both of those keys are in the solution. If you only get one check mark or question mark then you know you can eliminate the second key that you tried.

The whole process of this game is to eliminate the wrong keys and eliminate the wrong positions by a process of choosing what keys you place in each row so that you get new information with each row. Unless you are very lucky, you can’t solve this puzzle my randomly placing keys in each row. You have to place them in a way that will improve what you know about each key as you progress. Keep looking back at the rows you have completed to see what you have learned before you make your choices for your next row.
It may take a while to learn how this process works, but the more you practice the better you will see the patterns.

Good luck!

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Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by mace5 on Jul 12, 09 5:53 PM
This is my first time here to chat amd find out about the keys also. I have the walk through, tried all I know listing and counting and moving all keys all I seem to get is mostley one green check mark on all lines up to #9 then it starts over no explanation. very fustrating thanks for any help bjm

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Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by Grnmeadow on Jul 21, 09 7:47 PM
ppit1201 wrote:I am stuck on the keys in chapter 18. I canot get them in the right order. I tried the walkthrough diagram, but it doesn't help me. Can you help?

I need help also. I can't get the keys to stick on the grid. No Matter what I do, they just go back to the box on the bottom. I am sorry I bought this game. I have to have too much help.


Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by mishkamouse on Jul 22, 09 11:10 PM
I'm stuck on the UFO. I used the tool to cut the landing gear. When i did that the little bent landing gear flow away. Now, I am not able to fix it. I don't see it anywhere. I ckick and click everywhere to see if it pops up but no it gone for good.
It seems like it anyway. Where do i find it and how do i fix the it? Please help if you can. Thank you

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[Post New]by MILLIE31651 on Aug 20, 09 5:03 AM

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Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by Petsitterkathy on Oct 6, 09 11:54 AM
Does anybody have any idea how to open the 2 boxes in 9th chapter? I unscrambled the 2 puzzles, but that is all it will let me do


Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by pibrick on Nov 28, 09 6:15 AM
I keep getting the violation message and nothing works. How do I uninstall? Tried the normal way and it just keeps going!!!! Been into control panel and cannot delete it from there either.
Hope someone can help

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Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by honkq on Feb 15, 10 10:26 AM
Chapter 15. Placing the code key on the disc books. The books in the walk through are
Arsnic and old lace
bringing up baby
the camera man
city lights
duck soup
then the code key
last nook - trouble in paradise.

answer - the sting

I do not have the same bks and can not line up the code key where all slots have letters lined up in slots. help.


Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum SPOILER ALERT FOR ENDING!

[Post New]by OnWisconsin on Apr 5, 10 11:11 PM
I am a late comer to this game...I actually liked the game. It was different. I did have to use the walk through on the keys...and for some of the animal pictures..
but I don't mind.
I am, however, very disappointed with the ending!!!!

Right after the key is over! We don't get to meet our lost child; it is so unsatisfying....
OR... I believe that the girl that we see in the end is Catherine.

Was anyone else as disappointed as I ... at the end!!!!
Darn...I wanted a nice happy ending...not just a STOP!



Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by 2cairnsmom on Jun 23, 11 3:47 PM
Please, will someone tell me the sequence of the Keys in chapter 18? I've used the sequence below and am able to get all 9 in the correct order but the second row from the top is impossible!! I've tried just about every order and nothing works. I would appreciate any help, It's driving me nuts! I just need the order for the keys in the top last row I guess that would be row 10 going from the bottom to the top. I got the information below from this forum that someone else posted. Thanks whoever you are you were correct, this works! Please email me with the info to:

this is what I used:

Row 9...key 3 all the way across
Row 8...key 5 all the way across
Row 7...key 4 all the way across
Row 6...key 5 all the way across
Row 5...key 5 all the way across
Row 4...key 4 all the way across
Row 3...key 3 all the way across
Row 2...key 5 all the way across
For the next row need the keys sequence row 10.


Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by Bev_19 on Jul 4, 11 12:04 PM
I cannot complete the map puzzle because there is not enough room on the page and all of the map pieces are not visible to me.

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Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by marg6043 on Jan 1, 12 6:23 AM
This game seem like a easy cute game but actually it turns a littler be challenging when it comes to some of the puzzles.

I bought this game back when it came out and I also have to use walkabout to help me got along with some areas.

Still the game have nice graphics and the story line is interesting.


Re:Welcome to Dream Sleuth forum

[Post New]by fadia1 on Jan 22, 12 4:16 PM
can someone help me with chapter 13. I am stuck on the section where you have to poke a stick to get the gopher out of the hole. Does anyone know how to get the gopher out of the hole? Managed to get everything else in this section apart from that last part.

Would be a great help if someone could let me know how they did it.


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