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[Post New]by Radicalp on Aug 7, 09 5:57 AM
Okay, I've found a way to review.

3-Tones is TOTALLY AWESOME! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Everything about this game is enjoyable & exciting: the music, the game, the challenge, etc---my kind of game! The only thing I DIDN'T like about it was that it ended!!! Once I become a member, this will be one to purchase!


Re:3 Tones comments and reviews

[Post New]by bindijean on Aug 7, 09 10:27 PM
even with my own music its a big fat NOPE


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[Post New]by lilkye on Sep 12, 09 10:59 AM
I had a huge problem with this game.

Generally, when I trial a game, I am seeing if I like the game play itself. I turn the music down because I listen to my own or there's something on TV...and I hate multiple overlapping soundtracks..

I realize this is a "music" related game, but it's not necessary to hear it in order to play....and I was interested in the game play so I turned it all down.

I didn't like it, so I uninstalled it.

Unfortunately, this game's sound settings affect your computer's master settings!

I uninstalled it, and realized there was no music playing (a song had ended when I made the sound adjustment, so I just didn't notice for a while when another didn't come on). I checked my was on and going, my volume, my keyboard's volume, my speaker volume, my control panel sounds section...I couldn't even play basic system sounds! I restarted, no luck...not even that annoying "windows is opening" tone. I went so far as to update the sound drivers and go ahead and take apart my computer to check connections and give everything a cleaning!

I ended up having to REINSTALL THE GAME AND TURN THE SOUND BACK UP before I could use my sound!!!
I immediately re-uninstalled it, and the sound works fine.

Frankly, this problem seems too much like spyware and other related programs to me. A game should NOT take it upon itself to control your whole computer's settings.

Anyways....problem fixed, in the one way that it shouldn't have had to be done. If anyone else comes across this problem, perhaps it's the same issue...


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Re:3 Tones comments and reviews

[Post New]by WestElkTinker on Nov 25, 13 2:04 PM
Uninstalled after less than 5 minutes. Don't like the music, and not worth downloading my own for just the demo. There should be more variety in the genres offered. Seemed rather unexciting as well. I understand now why it's on sale for $3.99.

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