Haunted Hotel

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[Post New]by prpldva on Jan 3, 09 8:09 PM
I've been out of the pond, so I just downloading now. It looks like the reviews are not good- bummer!


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[Post New]by poloplaya on Jan 9, 09 10:21 AM
I bought the game on the 6th, was charged for it, but it never appeared on my purchased games tab, and I cant get a hold of a human being to sort it out - after reading all the reviews, I dont know if I want it, but at least give me my $6.99 back!. Every time I try the link on the conformation email - it says "sorry were so busy, yada yada yada" what a waste of money.

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[Post New]by FishFran on Jan 28, 09 6:15 PM
I had a free coupon for the game, so I felt the price I paid was fair The translation is horrid, which is a shame because the concept is interesting. Most of the objects are easy to find and others are impossible because they match the background too closely, are too tiny, a tiny portion is visible at the edge of the screen or the word used is not the correct American English term for the object. There doesn't seem to any penalty for wrong clicks so sometimes I end up clicking around until I stumble on something. The number of clues are generous and so far I haven't had any problem getting though the levels with plenty of time to spare. I like the graphics in most of the rooms and for the most part they seem to match the description of the story., but some are annoying, especially the one tinted red. I appreciate how quickly the levels go by, and is easy to keep on going. The minigames are really short and provide a break ffrom hunting hidden objectss. Anyway, its playable but with all of the wonderful HO games out there, I would never have bought this one.

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[Post New]by bindijean on Feb 4, 09 6:58 PM
can someone just tell me why the HO games are so short, i can do one in one to two days. and dont want to play thru again because it will go even faster. why cant there be more story lines after the first?


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[Post New]by Kayleigh812 on Feb 24, 09 8:52 AM
What a waste of time and money
Didn´t want to try the free one-hour trial period and that was my mistake.
Game slow, too easy and it was over before i knew it.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by _rj_ on Apr 15, 09 8:35 AM
It's a little scary reading these posts and thinking the game has been revised at least once. Send me the narrative and a couple free games and I'll send you back a corrected script.


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[Post New]by flyingsquirrely on Apr 18, 09 7:21 PM

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[Post New]by SMQMC on Aug 1, 10 10:55 AM
Just finished the game folks. I have pro and con feelings here. Absolutely WAY too wordy as people have said. Eventually, I stopped reading. You visit the same rooms over and over, but the objects are moved, are larger or smaller, or they call them a different thing alltogether! Rather difficult in some things, easy in others, boring by the length of it being so repetitious and some misty-fogginess that made lots of it hard to locate anything. I have the newer Windows 7 so it shouldn't be that unclear. The ending wasn't any kind of a "finale" and left me going, "huh?" That made me read the last pages to see how the story ended. Some clever games and bonus items to find, but all in all, it was just an "OK" game, but I am such a HOG fan anyway!
Most any HOG will keep me happy unless it's totally too hard for me or simple enough for children. In my opinion, this one gets maybe 2-3 out of 5 stars.

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[Post New]by jsp13 on Dec 27, 10 9:52 AM
GinaBean wrote:Hey everyone, I sent an e-mail to the address that Oreo provided us, and I just received this response today...

Hello Gina,

Thank you for your interest to our game. We have already fixed lots of mistakes. Now there is less text in our game. We have changed mini-games order a bit.

šI have sent newer version of game to BigFish guys yesterday. They should update it soon.

I`ll post on gamezebo when new version is available.

We have spent 13 months of our lives on this game, so we definitely want to make it as good as we can!š

Thank you again for your feedback!

So let's keep our eyes open!

Well, if they have then I don't see it!

I was given these for Christmas this year. I was really excited as they're BFGs but I'm only part-way through HH1 and I'm bored rigid already.

The case says it's a 2010 version but, after reading the comments here, I don't think there's been any change.

I didn't realise that it's a translation, although I did note the poor punctuation (just thought ti was laziness!), and FYI it may have been done to British English, which explains why the words may be different, eg. torch for flashlight, etc. The British have had to learn the American words for things - now it's your turn!! lol

So unlike other games I download, I'll have to persevere with theses.... Shame, not a good as I'd hoped.

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[Post New]by ccostly on Mar 6, 11 8:00 PM
I can see now why this was a $2.99 game. I just read some of the reviews and agreed with many! I am a sucker for games that have haunted or ghost or vampire in the title so I decided to try this one. I haven't finished it yet and I started it months ago. It is very, very repetitive. The same rooms over and over and long story lines to read in between levels. So many spelling mistakes, I cringed over and over. There are no voice overs for the narrative, just pencil looking drawings with a lot of misspellings in long drawn out paragraphs. The story is interesting, if you don't notice all the errors, like I did. I think I just bought it for the great price, but even with the price, the game isn't worth it. Not this time, anyways.

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