QotW 9/14 - Bucket List

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Re:QotW 9/14 - Bucket List

[Post New]by broccoflower on Sep 20, 15 5:27 PM
My bucket list ...

In the past, when I had a bit o' money, I travelled every year ... UK, Europe and several Caribbean Islands as well as the eastern USA, including NYC, the Carolinas and Florida. My most favourite travel has been across my own big country, Canada . So far, I've been east to west across the country, from Nova Scotia (Cape Breton) to Vancouver Island. Now I dream of seeing the North, including Nunavut and Yukon. But if I do nothing else in my life, if I never travel beyond the borders of my own small town .. I want to find and reconcile with my brother. That is my biggest wish, nothing else matters.

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