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I know a way of getting as much money as you would like so you can purchase lots of properties etc.. if anyone is interested email me [removed by moderator] as it's too much to explain on here..


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You just need to type POKER and then hit the ENTER key once anytime in the game. It works best in the tournament games, as if you do it in the small poker cash games you'll end up being delt and Ace and a 3, and someone else will get the K clubs and A clubs ;D



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cooksta wrote:I was looking up info for this game, and I came across this*;

Always Win:

While playing the game, when the dealer is dealing the cards, type in the
word "POKERTEN" it doesn't have to be capitalized. The code might not work
the first time, just keep typing it in. You know you got it when you have
a K and an A of clubs...just keep betting.

Anyways, I was mid way through a match and decided to try it and see if it worked. I was dealt an Ace and King of Spades, and sure enough, the Queen, Jack and 10 of Spade flops. Turn was a six of Spades and the River was the 10 of Diamonds.

I tested the waters by betting small, and all three CPU players called. Turn comes, I bet a fairly large amount and again, every CPU player calls. I go all in, everyone calls and I manage to break the bank on three CPU players simultaneously.

Anyways, I've tried again and again to do the same thing, with no success. Which leads me to believe that I was just extraordinarily lucky, and just had the best hand of the draw, my opponents having relatively high ranked hands (Flush, Full House and Straight).

After searching around for a while, I can't seem to find any more information on this topic, apart from general poker strategies or variations of the same blurb above. So can anyone verify this cheat actually working?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Pokerten does not work for me all i get is ace of diamonds and 3 of clubs. What else can i do to win at poker.



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I wanted to ad when typing 'pokerten' it works but you may find it boring when it doesn't stop cheating. After reopening a new game and wanting to play for real it still continues to cheat. Also if you press pokerten in the cash game (smaller table) instead of YOU getting the royal (cheat) the OTHER player will get it. EVERYTIME! Not advised for the cash games.

Note: Pokerten doesn't work once you move to another town



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I think it's funny, my boyfriend sees me getting K & A's everytime winning each hand and thinks I have 'special' skills HAHAHAHHHA




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I'd like to find a way of getting all players to 'steam' at once LOL



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Tried this cheat 6 times now, worked every time. Thanx

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