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Re:Chat with the developers of Country Tales!

[Post New]by ivanbral on Oct 4, 15 2:49 AM
Hi everyone,

just wanted to let you know that you know I have been reading all comments and suggestions and thank you very much for appreciating my presence on this forum!
As I said earlier, we have been doing this for years, and I hope we will be doing it for many more in the future It's our pleasure having a chance to chat with you!!!
I'll stay around for few more days, in case any of you has more questions/suggestions.

have a great weekend!

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Re:Chat with the developers of Country Tales!

[Post New]by fatandfrumpy on Oct 4, 15 10:08 AM
Only playing TM games a few months and love them. Us4ed to spend multi $$$ on HO. Got bored with them. More TM like this, I bought all I could find. Vikings, Kingdoms, Tribes, I am an equal opportunity buyer. Thanks for great entertainment.

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Re:Chat with the developers of Country Tales!

[Post New]by NetRook on Oct 9, 15 12:50 PM
Hi! I cant find anything that helps guide me on sequencing on the Extreme levels. Is there a trick you can provide or is there a guide? Were your developers ALL able to get the metal for the extreme levels?? I don't mind a challenge, but I cannot speed up money collection, which seems to be the reason I miss the metal each time.

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Re:Chat with the developers of Country Tales!

[Post New]by Hespera on Oct 9, 15 9:14 PM
Hi Ivan and Development Team!

Thanks for another great TM! Love, love, love the extreme mode - please promise to ALWAYS include it, OK? It's what us TMer's love. Don't make anything easier, either. It was great having to figure how to make things work, not only with time, but with the placement of the buildings.

You guys have been doing great TMs since the days of the Time Builders series (still love those games), and I hope you never quit. You're allowed the random Hidden Object game every now and then (if you must).

If I could ask for one consideration going forward, it would be to not have characters and conversations on the screen. I found them to be really distracting while trying to focus. And sometimes the hidden gold would appear under or between the double bars of the resources making it real difficult to click. So, if the characters were removed, there could be a single line of resources across the top!

Keep up the great work! Can't wait for your next great TM!


Re:Chat with the developers of Country Tales!

[Post New]by julie65608 on Oct 14, 15 4:07 PM
Hi Ivan,
Just a note to let you know I love the game. Here is a copy of my review.
Another great TM game. They are so far and few between I get excited when I see a new addition. This one I love. It lives up to the standard I require in a good TM. The music is nice. The characters are cute. With three difficulty levels how can you go wrong.
The extra bonus of treasure finding is a welcome plus. The sparkles are hard to see sometimes, especially in the rainy scenes. I am still looking for the treasure on level 4.
The art work is excellent. Nice colors and well drawn. The animation is smooth and easy to follow. Along with the tutorial it makes an easy transition in to full game play. My hat's off to the creator. Thank you for taking the time to create a well rounded story plot with all the bells and whistles.
I love it. I bought it after two levels of play. Try it and judge for yourself is always my motto. Remember you always get 60 minutes of free fun to decide.

Swim on fishes!

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Re:Chat with the developers of Country Tales!

[Post New]by boogienites on Oct 15, 15 7:40 AM
Hi Ivan!

I installed Windows 10 and the game works perfectly!! I have played it several times and have really enjoyed it. Can't wait for your next time management game!!

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