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[Post New]by fla_pisani on Feb 21, 09 5:12 AM
scotcat wrote:

You mean you have been clicking each tile all this time? If that's what everyone is doing, no wonder they are getting frustrated. I do the hold & release through the whole game.

btw... almost done with my 2nd go with this game. It's so much easier the 2nd time around.

Hey guys,

don't feel bad about the last two levels, ask for your money back or even curse the people who developed it.

I was having problems with levels 63/64 too. They aren't caused because Playrisk thinks we are all 18 nor cause the last levels are too difficult, there's nothing wrong with them, they are just a bit more challenging
The only thing that needs to be changed are the tips, because the hold and release should be mentioned more times before you play level 63 at least. (I just found out it's mentioned in level 1, but I hadn't seen it)

Thank you very much Scotcat, this hold and release thing solved all my problems in level 64 (that is in no way impossible, in fact after charging the two power ups and blowing up that annoying piece there's nothing different from the previous levels).

So I advise you all to give it a try and see if it works for you all as well, I had to restart the level a couple of times, but I always was able to get closer than when I clicked the pieces one by one.

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by 0186737323 on May 23, 09 7:06 AM
???? ??[b]


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by budsdj1 on Jul 20, 09 8:46 PM
I have given up thought game was great. Even my friends gave up. I want a clue. or money back never not finished but 3 months I'm done. Thanks big fish


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by budsdj1 on Jul 20, 09 8:48 PM
hold and release????

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by shorenuf on Sep 8, 09 11:17 PM
blondie920 wrote:i love this game and have done all 64 twice now. 63 and 64 took many tries but once you know what you need you have to work your **** off. you have to be so fast, but the feeling is awsome when you get it. so for all who give up try try again please. It can be done

I agree. I gave up months ago also, but tonight I went back to it and finished level 64 and the game. I use a Kensington Expert Mouse which is actually a track ball. I always use it -- even to play match 3 games, including 4 Elements. Tonight to play level 64 I switched to the Mac mouse. It still took several tries, but I came much closer and knew I would beat that very first "impossible" section. I bet I would have beaten level 63 a lot more quickly as well. So, in case anyone else is using a track ball mouse and can't get past those last 2 levels, try seitching to a standard mouse.

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by Rhovannion on Sep 20, 09 5:17 AM
Well! reading all of these posts I don't feel quite so useless, but if this a re-released "easier" version of the game (I only downloaded this last week) then I'm a Dutchman's uncle!!!

I'm using a mac mouse, I am not disabled in any way and yet I am struggling with these last two levels. Level 63 was bad, but after several (too many!) attempts I got it, working backwards through the stones. Level 64 is beyond me and what a frustration it is not to be able to finish the game. As so many of you here have said it was most enjoyable up to this point: very pretty pictures, enough variation to keep it interesting and manageable. How unkind to fling in such a tortuous level right at the end.

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by shorenuf on Sep 22, 09 11:13 PM
Rhovannion wrote:Well! reading all of these posts I don't feel quite so useless, but if this a re-released "easier" version of the game (I only downloaded this last week) then I'm a Dutchman's uncle!!! . . .

I got ithe Mac version when it first was available from Playrix so many months ago. Like others, i complained about the last two levels. As you said, Playrix issued a revised version, but the Mac version came out after that, so it was always the revised edition. I was ***** and moaning about the easier fix. There seemed to be no hope for me, but after many tries I did master level 63. I gave up on level 64 after weeks of occasional tries. (Other people also continued to find even the revised version impossible, so I caved.)

But, as you read above, I gave it another try. My advice -- just go after red and green symbols. Ignore the other colors. You do not need to create a connected flowing path, you just need to fill the green and red power ups. When the level is loading you get a preview -- I restarted if it did not look like there were a lot of groups or long lines of red and green symbols. Honestly, if I could complete this level you can! Good luck!!

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by redshoesgirl on Sep 23, 09 8:24 PM
i SO wish i had read these comments before buying this game, mac version. i too, do not like games that are just too darn fast and after several tries of level 64 i quit. i do this for fun, not frustration.

one figures after getting through the entire game, even playing a couple of levels more than once, one would get through level 64. not me and it seems, not a lot of folks. i tried all the tricks mentioned but to no avail. rarely do i regret a game purchase, but this is definitely a regret.

i would not recommend this to anyone and i am posting this review in other game forums - save your money!

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by beachado on Sep 23, 09 11:57 PM
I loved this game! However, I did not play it as I would a story type game (stick with it until I get to the end). Maybe that is why I enjoyed the difficulty. Boy, did it ever feel great to finally conquer (spelling?) this game. I am going to play it again, too.


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by swisscheese1 on Oct 24, 09 8:28 PM
this game was wonderful until this freakin' level 63 and 64. I'm on a Mac too, a laptop no less, with a trackpad.

It's impossible. It can't be done.


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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by puzzledone on Oct 24, 09 9:50 PM
I gave up a year ago on the end and oddly about a week ago I happened to notice a post on the forum. I uninstalled my original, downloaded the newer version and BY GOLLY I FINISHED IT on the second attempt. My game was saved at 63 so I just picked up where it left off. I think they just slowed it down, otherwise looked the same. Took 2 tries.

Then, what was odd, the last level, 64 I guess was pretty easy. Very long, lots of things blasting off if you keep your focus on touching the many many arrows. It was a blast, and finally I got to read the end of the story.

So many of us complained and wrote them they listened. I just didn't pay attention to forum and I guess the upgrade was almost a year ago. So, check the dates you bought it and I think it was October they fixed it.

I think it is still a bit of luck of the draw to get enough reds and I think greens to use to get thru the rocks. I'm pretty slow but second try I did it!! OH I was so happy, may just start a new game (except my other complaint, the puzzles were hard to see and took a lot of hints for tiny things) I'd really like the game better if they took out all the hogs and find differences, just let the game flow.

btw if you like this type of moving game I recommend Paradise Quest, very addictive and goes on forever.


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by swisscheese1 on Nov 21, 09 9:03 PM
It still doesn't work for me. I'm using a trackpad, and I probably have a mean case of carpal tunnel now, but I've given up on this otherwise great game. It's too bad, it *was* fun while it was going, but after 166 tries, forget it, I'm not wasting anymore time on level 63.


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by Machico on Dec 13, 09 11:53 PM
I have finished this game so it is possible - keep at it guys

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by puzzledone on Dec 14, 09 12:31 AM
Well it is still a very fun game to play with when a dry spell, even if I just set my goal to play 60 levels and start over. Once I did see there was a rebuild slowing down the last two I did try again and finished it on the second try. It's still luck as far as what colors you get on 63 so don't feel too bad if you time out again. Got to say it has great replay value if you're not a glutton for punishment and determined to finish. Kinda like Around the World in 80 Days, figure I'll be a permanent resident in China LOL, but it's still fun to a point of my own limitations.

Once I got over my anger on the first version I'm suprised I did find the foritude to at least get to read the end of the story on the rebuild. It took 2 tries and finished it on the slow down, had good tiles on second attempt at it. I quit being angry at the devs when they listened to us. And glad I have it in my pc, very different from any other game and very fun if I just limit myself to how many levels to play, forget the story and have fun. Believe me, I am NOT swift of hand, eye coordination at 73, so I guess the second attempt at the slowed down version was pure luck of the draw. Have fun on 1 to 60 anyway and don't let the end ruin the fun

Now I'd just like to see a new game with just the matching and trim off the story, hogs, find difference interruptions to the flow of the main game. Oh, and add a timer option, I'd buy that in a second with no demo. Great game if edited with options like Normal, Expert and Relaxed, still very addictive.

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by decrepitude on Dec 14, 09 1:27 PM
I'm quite proud that at 68 and with arthritic fingers I have finished this game 3 times, even if I was probably lucky enough to get the revised version.

Does nobody else find that damn fairy buzzing around annoying? I want to swat her! At one point I was asked if I wanted her tips and answered "no" but I still didn't get rid of her!


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by monika27 on Dec 28, 09 8:26 AM
cum pot sa dowladez gratis full version?


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by impartial on Jan 3, 10 2:00 PM
Before I post, I'll say this. I found out about the update through this forum and another. Once I applied the update.. details below... my gf was able to sail through both 63 and 64 levels. The trick where you click the first tile, drag across connecting tiles, and release on the final to make a chain was the trick. She can do this faster than I imagined, and was able twice in a row to complete 64 as it is in the original version.

That, and you have to be a mouse-input type person. I use the keyboard most of the time, so I am not as fast nor precise. The keyboard is usually faster, but you cannot interact with graphical elements.

The update for this game I could not find. I did, however, look around the files a bit. You can apply an update to the game yourself. The program is installed for example in C:\Program Files\4 Elements\ or if you installed elsewhere, it's up to you to find.

There is a folder 'Base'. Inside is a number of files. The game itself is in LUA programming language, and the executable seems to be a LUA interpreter. The game data, including all levels, times, and spot the difference are installed in the Base folder in XML files. Conceivably, you could make your own level editor and have the game run your creation.

There is a file 'level.xml' which, by default, will show as 'level' as the filename. Open this file in any text editor. Notepad will take a while to open, but will work fine. An XML editor would work. The data files carry this header:
edited with XMLSpy v2007 sp1 ( by vova (EMBRACE)

Search for this text: Level name="il63" - it should appear on line 23488. The game data for this level follows. You can see the actual board data, where a character represents what fills that square. A list is below, but you can change line 23514 which has an 'S' for 'Stone' or 'Slab' in column 68, to something easier such as a 1. Save and restart 4 Elements, and you will find it easier.

For Level 64, search il64 (line 23780, column 120 is the difficult spot). You should be able to see the game board layout, if you disable Word Wrap (some apps won't let you do that). Also switching to a single-width font such as Courier New helps. There was a 5 in a place which was difficult to break out - I switched it to a + (plus sign) for practice, then decided 1 would be sufficient. That requires you to enable the Green powerup only, not both red and green. Lots easier, with the hold and release technique above.

I'm releasing this info because apparently an update is available, but I cannot find it. Feel free to copy this comment as it is likely to be deleted by the publisher. The characters represent the tiles, with the mapping below. Change things and experiment, or make your own levels.

# - (level 60 only)
+ - Rock (energy can flow)
- - Rock on two-layer ground (level 11, 23, 43)
. - not on the map, out of bounds
0 - Air (energy can flow)
1 - Ground
2 - Ground with 2 levels
3 - Ground with 3 levels
5 - Frozen tile with land
6 - Frozen tile with 2 levels
7 - Frozen tile with 3 levels?
B - Fire arrow, eight-sided
C - Fire arrow, four-sided
D - Fire arrow, Down-facing
F - Energy receiver (EnergyReceivers XML tag), the Finish line for Energy
H - Fire arrow, Left and Right facing
L - Fire arrow, Left-facing
M - Rock on three-layer of ground
R - Fire arrow, Right-facing
S - Stone Slab (immovable rocks, break with fire arrow)
U - Fire arrow, Up-facing
V - Fire arrow, Up and down facing
e - Energy starts flowing here
m - Rock with land
n - Rock with ice


Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by impartial on Jan 3, 10 2:11 PM
Apologies, editing did not work in FireFox browser. I meant to say that my gf was able to finish the game because of additional confidence, and by replaying earlier levels. She would be able now to complete the games as originally installed, without hacks of any sort.

However, she is now hacking the game for fun and it has added to the reply value immensely. As a programmer myself, I understand how difficult it is to decide exactly how much to protect your games and game data and I obviously do not intend to cause harm to the publisher by my post here. I appreciate having access to the data, and even being able to make changes. I hope this post was helpful in case someone is angry over the difficulty level. Most of the game engine appears to be hidden in the interpreter, but a number of elements are available in the Base folder and subfolders.

Hopefully the publishers understand how much the gaming community in general enjoys pulling apart games - so many first person shooters have level editors and homebrew levels, it is nice that such a simple and universally pleasing game is open to such playing around. Just as it is fun to take a cheap few items from WalMart and combine them to form a sculpture or decoration, it is fun to take apart any toy, including games, and make your own toy. First Sale doctrine allows this privilage, despite any EULA you might see - so please do not share files which are made by the publisher - only your changes which you made are your own property and may be shared.

Raw data such as this, bypassing no protection, which anyone could easily find for themselves were they so inclined, should present no problem.

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by puzzledone on Jan 3, 10 2:19 PM
Why not just uninstall the game and reload it here, my new download is the rebuild that fixed 63 and 64. Easy enough and I finished the game.

Keys may be faster but ever since breaking off an arrow key on a game long ago trying to go faster, my fav expensive KB too I'll never buy another game without mouse play. I even use a remote mouse on my laptop, can't fathom how people play or do anything with those touchpad things with any accuracy or speed..

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Re:4 Elements - last level - SO Mean

[Post New]by unclepaul on Apr 26, 10 8:04 AM
Thank you so much Impartial for your suggested adjustment to level 64. After something like 50 attempts I finally finished the game.
I feel that this is a game of strategy rather than an arcade game, whereas levels 63 and 64 have turned it into an arcade game finish.
I contacted Playrix about the problems and they mentioned a release of an easier playable version, but that was the version I had. Wonder what the previous version was like.
I played a demo version of this game and thought it would be great for my 11 year old niece having fantasy and fairies etc, so assumed it was a children's game.
So I purchased the game and then tested it out to be sure it was suitable. Just as well as Levels 63 and 64 were so difficult.
After a second letter to Playrix, they offered me a replacement game but I did not feel like having to take the testing time to see if it would be suitable for children so rejected their offer.
So grateful for your information as now the game will be playable by my niece.
Would really like to see some ratings on their games re difficulty of play, strategy v arcade, suitability for age levels etc.

I have played another game such as Dynomite which offers levels of play as well as some unwinnable entertainment only versions, but at least you know what you are in for and don't miss out on the story ending.
The hardness of levels 63 and 64 is like tearing the last page out of a mystery novel.
Thanks again.

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