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[Post New]by lindavis on Nov 11, 09 12:58 PM
The game was working fine (except of course for the missing acorn) til i downloaded the update and now it locks up with my cpu running at 100%. Uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. Any ideas?


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[Post New]by Bert57 on Nov 11, 09 6:56 PM
I reinstalled this game and now it has caused a problem with my computer. It has put some kind of glitch to where I can't even play the game. Had to uninstall it and all my games that I had installed. Now I have someone trying to work on my computer.

BF needs to make sure there are no problems with these games before anybody else tries them.


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[Post New]by joytoy71 on Nov 25, 09 4:18 PM
AustinFlame wrote:this is my favorite game so far from Big Fish. I enjoy the spell casting, although yes, it is kind of exciting and frustrating to try to find the items quickly enough to use them. Personally I like the challenge of not having every single thing right in front of me every time, it makes it much more worth my money, in my opinion, to have to work at this game. I think on the blog walk through there is an example of an acorn, it looks like an acorn, they just don't put very many in the game for us, as far as I can tell! One of the few I've bought here that I'll play more than once. THANK YOU!!

i highly agree best game BF has come out with so far

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[Post New]by tjwilson on Dec 2, 09 9:59 PM
Unbelievably small size, lots and lots of levels. Very fun, unique, just a great game. Can't believe it! I've played it several times now, it's still fun.

Hint: You don't have to go after objects for just one spell. If the objects are showing in the other spells, pick them up too, never know when you might need one or two items to make a difference.

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