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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by mpendo on Jun 9, 16 12:58 PM
apple - true that they have removed so many elements of the game that gave us so much pleasure and were helpful for us on the previous 3 Islands. Now it is a different (and not so fun) game.

I am hopeful that the Devs will pay attention to the criticisms of their devoted fans and re-adjust future updates to bring back or re-introduce new elements to make the game enjoyable once again. 4th Island lacks luster!

I will say again, it is a fine line between revenues and fun. They messed up with this load of crap, IMO.

For the time being, I will hang out here.


Edit - went back in this thread and was reminded about the rules. Sorry.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by Eveoflove on Jun 10, 16 1:33 PM
Yet another update (PC version), this time as of Jun 10, so the 2nd one this month! It does not appear to be mandatory as I launched the game today before realizing a new update was available. Like most aficionados of this game (in its original form), I was disappointed with the disappearance of many features (skins, firefly flats, daily bonus, etc.)

This time around (and perhaps even in the prior June update), I noticed that my duplicate stamps are now all worth 5 coins each (no more stamps worth 10 coins!). Cash in now if you can!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by Guideo on Jun 15, 16 2:26 AM
I was one who had ventured in on a whim and was attracted by the whimsy of the back story (small boy playing while catching fireflies), the artwork which was appropriate for the story and well done, the sounds, also appropriate for the story, and the range of difficulty levels, so I had a chance of completing the levels, at least at the 10 point/beginner level.

I had completed the first three Worlds, which included the addition of the Trolls world as an update and had started to love the game and began recommending it to friends...then disaster struck! The last update in June!

That update took away SOOO much! I have found the game very much more difficult to complete at all levels. I have alternatively found the Arena disappointingly easy (as if I could have garlic breath and not have to twitch the mouse to win easy). The sounds AND the music have been so changed as to be annoying, and turning it off just makes me miss the old sounds in silence.

I don't know why the game was SO BADLY ALTERED. If it was a matter of wanting the players to spend more money on the game, as suggested by others, I could think of many more successful ways to do it. This "update" seems likely to keep people from adding Sir Match-a-Lot to their regular games, and it feels like it may lose many regular players. I have old purchased games that I am much more inclined to replay at this point (Match-3s).

I would have paid for the old version of THIS GAME had it been available as such. The NEW version, nope. If the Island had been the first level of this game, I wouldn't have played it more than a couple of times.

Colour me very unhappy now...

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by Misty_eyed1 on Jun 18, 16 12:13 PM
I still really like this game. Have been awaiting island 5, 6 etc... since June 9th. Characters are fun and we try to come up with "fly" names for the fireflies. I do miss the flats with the 1 bonus per hours of flies. I also think that removing the chests to pick from was a mistake but, DO NOT remove the firefly stickers!(cards).
Having the chests to pick from was fun but, it was not fun to have everything handed to me. IE: 6 chests gave me 650 coins and 2 sticker packs...way too much. Maybe go back to the chests and reduce.
Like the fact that they got rid of the regular/rare/epic categories for the cards as it kind of pigeon holed them... Have 81 of 96 with 22 of 30 complete...looking forward to updates where I can have 81 of ?00's with 22 of ....??

Keep up the hard work.

Thanks to the development team.

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Supposed to be fun not frustrating

[Post New]by swilke on Jul 6, 16 8:49 PM
I can not get thru the 66 gate to the other side in the new upgrade Lost Island. I can not figure out what is needed, a special piece and more pick axes that I can not find in 1 - 66. Pick axes are supposed to be in levels 56 to 65. Bout ready to stop playing, I did enjoy this game.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by busseewa11 on Jul 7, 16 5:22 PM
I have to agree with most of the reviews the updates is really making hard changes now the game takes your live when battling the monsters. Too many of these kinds of changes make loyalty turn into why bother with the game. I guess they feel it's free and they change it any time they want to. So many of the free games I have stop playing this one is next. These free games are not free because they are geared to take your money. I will stop playing it before giving any money.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by WildCat_1988 on Jul 19, 16 7:33 PM
Being an Expert at Match-3 games, I'm able to defeat my Foes with ease to get my bag of coins which have decreased in value with this new update. I miss my Firefly Trees which gave me my Wand, Hammer, and Firecracker each day, I guess you can call me borderline hoarder when it comes to using my rewards but with these Spiders don't go away unless you use a Hammer on each of them. I almost used up all my Hammers during the first round of the game but I learned since then how to get around without using it.
I've got all my Cards for my Album, now I just get Dupes which just gives me a measly 15 coins when before I was able to get 10 for the Rare ones.
I've had all but 2 of my costumes before, now I'm back to getting them all over again the hard way! One by chance every 5th day (if I log on to claim it!). This is highway robbery! Why do I have to go through all that trouble just to get them back when I worked hard to get them through the first 3 Sites! Thank God I haven't had the need to spend real money to get through this game.
I left ART because they decided to pull the plug on it's life support, I guess I'll do the same here before it dies too!
I'm not sad, I'm Mad! So there is no color for this unless everyone is seeing RED!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by yhtac581 on Aug 11, 16 5:24 AM
Well, Wildcat, if you are mad at the first update, you will be livid on the new update. Yeah they made it easier to make money but they raised the prices for boosts! I don't mind a 5-10 coin increase, but this is outrageous! Our economy is dying and they raise the prices by hundreds. All you can do is collect money to buy boosts that were
at the very least, attainable. BOOST PRICES ARE TOO HIGH! No more getting 15 coins for defeating an enemy in the arena! When you defeat all four of them, you get a chest-THAT's IT! We are getting ripped off, folks! I lost all my my procured knights on the first go-around, too, WC. I am all for making a game more fun to play, but I hate it when they make it so expensive to play that you cannot enjoy the game. Cute game, but just not worth it! I may be out on this one! What good is a game if you can't afford to play it? I think they should let us buy it outright! Frankly, I play games to relax and take my mind off of things! I am a teacher and with my job, the economy, and everything else I am dealing with, I don't need this! I am so tired of paying for other people's livelihood!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by leftylilmum on Aug 15, 16 12:19 PM
I love this game especially since the latest update fixed a few issues I was having. Just one comment is why we can't invite any friends to help each other out. This is the first game I've played where you can't. Will this be an option in a future update?

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by jack7242 on Aug 26, 16 3:32 PM
Not happy with the latest update. The one before made it difficult to win against the opponents in the arena, now it is impossible unless you are willing to pay for the privilege. At least before the update stickers were awarded now not.

A nice game ruined for the sake of making money. Now sure I will play as much. I used to play every day! Poor show devs.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by KayAt2 on Sep 3, 16 6:34 PM
I used to spend a fair amount of money on the boosts but not anymore, except for the hammer. Everything is too expensive. I wait for them to show up and then spend a lot of lives to get through but the interest is dying because of how much more difficult it is. They need to reward us more to keep us advance and needing to spend just a little money but frequently


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by Bazgladwin on Sep 3, 16 11:34 PM
I was playing Gummy Drop and switched to Sir Match a Lot as I found Gummy Drop was getting too hard and I was loosing lives too quickly, I have completed the first three worlds and really enjoyed playing. However, I am now in Lost Island and it is getting tedious... The arena monsters have 500 points vs my knights 100. You can accumulate enough fireflies to get thru the gates. All in all it's becoming a slog which is hardly the point of a game like this which should be enjoyable. I am considering abandoning ship again. This will be a shame as I love the graphics, the characters and the game. I don't know if developers think they need to up the difficulty but my advice is just keep it the same as we want it to be enjoyable, not a chore....

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by Rororo16 on Nov 21, 16 3:21 AM
Please make firefly resources transferrable! The first 3 levels are nice. But at Lost Usland it makes no fun anymore. I feel you only want to force us to pay money all the times. No thank you

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Review December 2016 update

[Post New]by aim4stars on Dec 13, 16 9:16 AM
The most recent update for Sir Match a Lot has totally changed this once fantastic and fun game. It is now not any fun.
- You used to be able to use strategy to advance in the game
- Now you must purchase power ups in order to advance
After playing this once superior game almost daily I uninstalled it.
Basically, I have learned to enjoy playing FTP games for a short time with the knowledge that as they grow in popularity they will be updated to require a lot of money to play them. Farm Up and many other good games have gone down the tubes the same way.

good graphics and sound effects
Must spend money now to progress


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by k9sandy on Jan 8, 17 1:30 PM
I used to enjoy this as a mindless no thinking game to relax with. I am on the fourth world now and have to admit that I am becoming very frustrated now. I go through all the levels and get to a gate and the "price" to open the gate is unrealistic. Right now I have to open a gate with 3200 yellow, 3200 blue and 3200 purple (or there abouts) and the whole 10 matches before that were only purple. You should be able to accomplish the goals with the fireflies you get during that grouping. I go back and replay levels all the time - which is frustrating, boring, and meaningless. You really need to fix this!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by Kate349 on Feb 11, 17 7:32 AM
Love this game but you have to be kidding with level 88 in the Shiver Plains. I'm pretty good at playing this game but this level seems impossible. I've been trying to complete the first round for at least 2 days and am wondering what rounds 2 and 3 will be like. I'll give it a couple more tries but I'm beginning to think it's time to move onto another game. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by tj1147 on Feb 11, 17 1:09 PM
Re level 88: I finished the first two times by using hammers and extra lives - couldn't get them any other way. The third time, I got my daughter to do it for me. She played it once to get the "feel" of the level then managed to finish it by using only a couple of hammers. I didn't like this level a all! Purple fireflies almost extinct in the last world unless I "buy" the firefly farms - which I didn't, I just replayed the levels that gave them as resources. Re the rest of the world, the arenas are nearly impossible for me unless I get extra lives or extra health due to the layout of the boards or the high score of the "enemies" and my low number. The game seems to have just about eliminated any way to collect "power-ups" and the amount of coins earned has dropped dramatically. Costumes are hardly helpful at all. I really was excited to find this game and really did like it, but as someone mentioned before the FTP games all seem to go this route...the more levels the more expensive to play.


Sir Match-a-Lot - BIG RIP-OFF

[Post New]by CCR4EVR on Mar 8, 17 3:07 PM
Sir Match-a-Lot used to be a fun game, Big Fish has made it into a buy-to-play game. I too will delete this game & hope others follow. Maybe Big Fish will not be so greedy if we boycott.

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Unable to advance -- deleting game again

[Post New]by moonryu on Mar 9, 17 9:50 AM
I had high hopes that the updates would fix a few things, but alas. it didn't.

I hit a level (Old Woodlot -- #85 -- you need a Water Lily that can only be gotten on the 3rd play of that level) that no matter how many times I tried it with assorted boosts and buying extra moves. Simply could not win. Since it was a critical level to advance to the next section on the Isle.

And as I refused to spend more than $20 a month on a game. I am not going to.

So until the paint cans are removed, and / or make some of the all but impossible to win levels easier. Or just have an kid-friendly / Easy mode. I will not be playing this game anymore.

Sad yet again, it had potential.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Sir Match-a-Lot here.

[Post New]by moonryu on Apr 13, 17 7:52 AM
Thank you to the developers!!

This latest update was excellent.

I especially liked that the robot/track suit benefit was changed from +1 to +3 moves. That now made that suit worth paying for.

Thank you.

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