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Re:Island Of Hope! New HO Game!!

[Post New]by GeeBee on Oct 16, 08 3:04 AM
Sounds like I'll be putting this one on my "Maybe" list. Thanks for reviews.


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Re: Island Of Hope! New HO Game!!

[Post New]by MaraWanna on Nov 18, 08 5:53 AM
Staril wrote:Gave up on this one within about 10 minutes ... not even sure why I played as long as I did. Several times the word they used could have refered to many items on screen and the one they wanted wasn't always the best match. Other times clicking on correct objects just did nothing ... seemed to work after a few more items were found ... very strange. It's a shame ... looks nice and that first puzzle was fun ... just too annoying to play. Also really didn't like the item of items identified by sound ... I always play with the sound low or off and that just doesn't work ... mind you ... I deleted the game before I got to the point where it wanted me to do that.

I've noticed that games written outside USA sometimes have seemingly odd object names. But I like a game with more than one choice - like "knife" when there are two. I did notice several items that didn't pick up until I clicked in exactly the right spot - very annoying when I use a hint to find something I clicked 3 times.

And I'm a strange fishy that enjoyed the auditory clues as something completely different. My PC says I took about 4.5 hours to complete in many mini sessions (TG for pause).

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Re:Island Of Hope! New **** Game!!

[Post New]by Laflamme on Dec 9, 09 1:57 PM
Okay, this seems to be the review thread. Can keep this short, just a few points:

- essentially the same game as Berlin Nights, only 20 levels shorter (Berlin could have done with that too) - so has the same strengths, weaknesses and riddles
- items sometimes have a very low resolution, making them hard to find or even figure out what this pixel mess is supposed to be
- three access violation errors, had to restart the game and repeat the level
- most hilarious sex scene ever: dark screen, one kiss sound
- on three occasions you click about 100 times on an item before you get credit for it

Bottom Line: okay for Daily Deal

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Re:Island Of Hope! New **** Game!!

[Post New]by cche on Dec 10, 09 11:01 PM
Finished this one on the daily deal. I am getting used to the quirks and vaguaries of this developer.

Story was tongue in cheek; I I like the new job the professor is promoted to in Berlin
(a teaser I know, since I played them out of order).

All in all, well worth my $2.99.

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