5 missing letters


Hah, I got it !!

[Post New]by mildew08 on Dec 20, 11 1:42 PM
One of the previous members, got it right, if you try to place the letters over the top of the adjacent letters they slip right into the sequence, boy, am I glad,....that you folks (Big Fish Forums) have benefit to make the puzzles work!!! I'm a fan of Big Fish...


Re:5 missing letters

[Post New]by angelize47 on Jan 25, 13 2:59 PM
I was making the mistake of trying to fit the letters into the space. If you put the arrow, instead of the letter and then click in the space, it works like a charm. I can't tell you how many times I tried to get those fireplace items on the holder. Had to redo that chapter twice because the time had run out. Very frustrating! Also, the sugar cubes were so hard to get to stay and the cups on the tray. Other than these glitches, I absolutely love the Agatha Christie HOGs. My favorites so far.

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Re:5 missing letters

[Post New]by Burpie on May 12, 13 5:31 PM
I'm starting not to be a fan! I have tried to put the letters over, under, sideways and every which way you can. It still doesn't work, it was a waste of money. I am so tired of hidden object games!


Re:5 missing letters

[Post New]by SnowFlake999 on May 23, 13 3:12 AM
I also have this problem and it is so frustrating... I like the game and really want to finish it, but I just can't figure out what to do...

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