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Level 36--How to win.

[Post New]by EnvirEng on Mar 14, 10 11:56 AM
It took me forever to 'win' this level. Here is how I did it.

Note, you will need the water from both water producing plants. And, you will need to use one of the shooter plants. Also, you will need every drop of water: Don't lose any or let them clump up.

First, direct the water from the cloud left, to the topmost water plant. Make sure you draw in a backstop. Just let the water accumulate there, while you draw the next move.

Second, below the first water plant is a another water plant. Draw enough lines to get the water down to the second water plant. You will need to draw a pretty high line to the left to keep all the water.

Third, you need to get the water down to the shooter. Don't try to get the water to go from the water plant--right and down to the shooter.

Instead, let the water drop off of the left most edge of the water plant rock. Make sure you draw a long vertical line just at the left edge of the screen to keep the drops going where you want.

Fourth, at this point, you need to work quickly. The shooter launches the drops high into the air. Quickly draw a long ramp to direct the drops and avoid the pit falls. As long as you have erased all unecessary lines, you will have enough ink to do this.

Fifth, as the drops are sliding down the ramp, draw a line to prevent them from hitting that second shooter. You don't need it. Channel the drops directly to the flower and you might want to draw in a backstop so no drops overshoot the target.

This is the only way I have been able to get all the coins on this level and since every drop counts, I've had to play it several times, until I got it just right. Using this method, the erasers really don't matter. Yipee!

Just keep the water drops moving and make sure you don't lose any off the left side of the screen.

Hope this helps

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[Post New]by Leemo on May 18, 11 7:20 PM
This game is another little gem . I was looking for another pipe, grow plants, decorate background type game and this fits the bill .

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