how to play


Re:how to play

[Post New]by lindseys_Ga on May 11, 14 1:31 PM
prpldva wrote:Hi Clodobranda! Welcome to the forums!

I am sending you a link with a walkthrough. I hope it helps!

can I get that link too? I can't get out of the Hammock


Re:how to play

[Post New]by Ron_Swanson on Nov 4, 14 12:21 AM
I am embarrassed to ask for this but I too am stuck rather early in the game and need that walk-through link, if someone would be so kind as to PM it too me. I think I left some business unfinished at a location and now can't re-access it. I hope I don't have to re-start it. Thank you so much to anyone who responds.

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