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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by LikaLaruku on Aug 3, 10 7:08 PM
1)Have the ggame start off in an new area where a university (elementry-college) or just an art college is buing built for the children of the colonists who wish to study in art instead of leave & do other things.

2)Works of art may not include amature photoshopped images of the landscape or cutscenes of a character standing on a stage.

3)Let each character have one major study for up to level 10, a minor for level 7, & an elective for level 5.

4)Include fashion design, crafts, cell animation, game design, acting, ceramics, set making, landscaping, interior decoration, widdling/craftmaking, etc.

5)Less emphasis on yard upkeep; it's hard enough moving around 15 or more people without something dying or crumbling every 2 seconds.

6)Allow buildings (including the gallery) to be upgraded 4 or 6 times, & make the buildings look different & taller each upgrade.

7)So the love thing is supposed to be used for both an extra source of inspiration & creating depression, but in the first game, it should have been used for finding couples to have kids. Not needed in a school one where there are new enrollments, but just saying....

8)In the first game, it was very unrealistic that all but 1 of the colonists were caucasian & all of them were straight. Don't take that same concervative republican idealism to the sequel.

9)The seasons were nice, but add some hollidays & special events.

10)When the colonists sing, have more than the same 2 song options. Have each character with the capacity to sing do some shot unique loop of their own.

11)Put a little more effort into crafting works of art. Instead of seeing a sculptor just chizzle away on an anvil, how about having it pop something in a kiln? How about bonuses for singers & dancers working together?

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by dyjane on Jan 26, 11 11:36 PM
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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Jan 27, 11 12:51 AM
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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by Aj6226 on Jun 4, 11 4:17 AM
Well... first of all, I would like to see more forms of art in the game, like calligraphy, architecture, fashion designing, jewelry designing, wood crafts, films and theater(acting?) or interior designing? And maybe writing as well as food art? I guess the game would be more fun that way if there were more forms of art.

I would also like to see other types of dance, like ballet dancing, ballroom dancing and other types of dance. Just seeing them... dance makes me think, 'So, are they dancing the same kind of dance?'. So, I would like to see a variety of dance, painting, sculpting and music.

I would kind of like it if I could name the characters and set their appearances. Maybe there would be a shop that sells clothing and the characters can go and buy clothings! And add a hairdresser too so that the characters can style their hair!

Also, I would really love it if the characters actually got married to each other if the feeling is mutual and not just see the artist being heartbroken or in love. And if possible, I want the artists to have kids as well. Then, the kids can either grow up into artists just like their parents or go off and work as who they want to be! And then, when some of the kids actually want to become artists, then the player can make them into Level 10 artists. And then I wouldn't be as bored as I am now after finishing getting the achievements and all...

Hmm... what else? Oh, yes. I would like the gallery to have more space for more masterpieces! I get a little frustrated sometimes when there isn't any more space for more masterpieces!

Anyways, is there really going to be an Artist Colony 2?


Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by Ba2han on Jun 5, 11 10:21 AM
Yes, i also wonder if there will be an Artist Colony 2.
And the thing that i would like to see is HD, i mean 1920x1080 resolution.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Sep 7, 11 8:39 AM
1) For folks who aren't quick with a mouse but like everything else about the game, I'd like a pause button so you could stop the action, issue a bunch of orders, then start up again. This applies to all sim games. There are a lot of old folks like me who form a sizable market that are turned off by the demands for quick movement of the mouse. People who like the games as they are don't have to use the pause button.

2) I find it very annoying to constantly have pop-up while I'm trying to drag someone. Either have the pop-up appear as soon as the player releases the mouse or, even better, allow movement by simply selecting the character (as in this game by clicking on them in a list, by going to next charcter, or by clicking on the person) and then right clicking on where you want them to go.

3) Have an easy and hard mode. If the easy mode, the people have enough sense to eat and sleep when they need to.

4) Specific to Artist Colony, instead of a few big buildings, have a bunch of small cottages, each of which could hold a different type of artist. You could have goals of having so many different arts represented, and you have to choose whether to let new people in depending on whether you need their speciality.

5) Instead of selling to art buyers who visit the colony, sell to consignment shops adjacent to the colony (at one edge of the screen). One shop would only sell if offered at least full price, one if at least half price, one at any price offered. Then handle the selling through message at the top instead of pop-ups. As art objects are completed, the player would choose which shop to send it to.


Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by gudgrl87 on Sep 15, 11 7:03 PM
This game is addictive! But there are quite a few things to be desired...

1. Skip option for the movies and dialoges would be nice.

2. I would LOVE to be able to save the game without quitting. I'm a perfectionist and I try to save as soon as a new artist comes, so if someone leaves, I could revert back to the saved game where everyone was there...

3. Challenges for specific artists would definitely add a more interesting aspect.

4. Maybe have the artists after the first 5 come in a random order with random skills.. Ben, Dylan, Amala, Simone, Jack, Daniel, Kara. Matthew, Lucas, Taylor, Rachel, etc.. Gets a tad frustrating after awhile.. Since they all have different skills, you wouldn't ALWAYS be able to get your 3 painters to skill 6 first.. Maybe you could get photographers or musicians first...

5. It'd be nice for them to be able to reproduce to keep the colony "alive" after a period of time, but that might over complicate things.. Just a thought though.. lol

6. LANDSCAPE ARTIST! Let one person(or more) level up by keeping the place neat..

7. It'd be nice to be able to attract more buyers.. Maybe have a "sale" every third month or something... Maybe even have an "auction" option so you put several works up for a few months and highest bidder in that time frame would win the masterpiece...

8. It would be GREAT to be able to scroll and view the last like 10 or 20 alert messages from the top... Either that or have like little "counters" on each icon.. Like the total number, then whatever number of that total number on each icon.. I've lost so many artists cause I didn't see the message someone was depressed cause it popped up a split second before I dropped someone in a studio! So instead I'd see that the artist is gonna work where I dropped him.. Maybe even a lil pop up button alerting you that an artist needs attention.. Would be sooo helpful!

9. I agree with cbellcrm... Make the popups show up as soon as you release the mouse button.. It's a pain to hit ok just to look for wherever you dropped the artist, pick 'em up again and drag them to where you want them..

10. Same thing almost everyone else is saying.. BIGGER GALLERY!! and/or the ability to delete masterpieces to make room for more.. I've even managed to get 42 masterpieces in my gallery.. I'm to the point I'm accepting any offer just to make room for the new resident's pieces..

Just some thoughts for you guys to think about...

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by gudgrl87 on Sep 15, 11 7:15 PM
OrionsRose wrote:First and foremost more information for the player. I spent months (and gave up a few times in frustration) not knowing why my artists wouldn't create even though everything was right for them. It would have been nice to see a note pop into that message area that simply said the gallery was full, try again later. A counter that shows the number of pieces in the gallery would have been good too. Information about why your characters are doing or not doing certain things would have been helpful.
Second, make the characters do some things for themselves. It's not a fun game when all you do is drag people around forcing them to eat and sleep.
Third, it would be nice to have more types of art. Even the game's tree logo had other types but they were not in the game like writing, drama, and instrumental music. Along with that it would be cool if the characters actually looked more like they were dancing instead of just wiggling around. And the songs they sing get very monotonous, some variety would be great.
Last but not least, as many have said, more spaces in the gallery.

The gallery does have a counter.. You just click and hold for a second or two and keep holding and it shows you how many masterpieces are on display..

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by ajuma on Sep 22, 11 9:50 AM
Wow! I started this thread over a year and a half ago and it's still going strong! Amazing!

gudgrl87 I SO agree with the suggestion about having the artists come in random order after the first 5 or so. If you've played the game more than a couple of times (which I have!) it DOES get boring having the same people show up in the same order.

I haven't played AC in some time...I think it's time for a re-visit!


Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by renzyace123 on Dec 16, 11 10:32 PM
After I played this game.. I enjoyed a lot even my little brother liked it..
but I am searching a Part 2 of this game to be more EXCITING and ENJOYABLE..!

1.There must be new talents and new learning places like:

a. Music Studio-2 major rooms

Musical Instrument Playing-1 major room with 4 minor rooms

Keyboard Instruments: Accordion
String Instruments: Grand Piano (actually it is made up with strings)
Percussion: Drum
Wind Instruments: Flute

and 1 for Singing

or if one artist chooses musical instrument playing...
and their music experience will increase and they will move
to basic instruments to more challenging instruments..

like this below:

Wind Ins.->Percussion->Keyboard Ins->String Ins.
(just scramble it when it doesn't fit for your desire)

b. Dancing Studio-3 rooms

Interpretive Dance

c.Designing Studio-4 rooms

Fashion Designing
Interior Designing
Jewelry Designing

e.Poetry and Drama Acting Studio-2 rooms

Poetry & Drama Acting

f. Art Studio

that's all what I suggest...!

2. I wish for a more bigger map too..! so it can fit for all buildings
since they can be upgraded..

3.Add some decorations too..
like for the gallery so it can attract more costumers..
or beautify the environment with fountains,ponds,flowers etc to attract artists..
and a shop for the decorations ..

4. How about if..

*Singers and Dancers unite...
*Band that it needs guitar,drums (or other musical instruments)
and singers or add dancers..
*Drama acting with Piano playing and Interpretive Dancing/Ballet to add more "drama"
*an opera for singers ,dancers, musical instruments do a dramatic work..and a fashion/interior designer will provide them clothes and furnitures..

and more co-ops...
to add bonus to your money when they unite..!

4. A new place for the artists to gather..
I don't know where, but something fit for all talents...

5. More upgrades that will make buildings more bigger/taller so that many artists can fit in there..

6. Places to show artists' talent..

-for bands,4 kinds of dancers,singers,musical instrument players,drama actors/actresses
*Opera house
-ballet/interpretive dance,singers,musical instrument players
*Art easel-for Artists
*Ballroom-Ballroom dancers
*Fashion mannequin-for Fashion Designer
*Poem's bulletin board-for Poet's Works
and for the Interior & Jewelry, I don't know if what place that can
able to show their talents.!

That's All! I wish this will be added to Artist Colony 2.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by Orchid_Witch on Jun 10, 12 11:13 AM
I would LOVE to see AC2, I had ideas as I played the first one, and got more from others' comments. What I'd like to see:

-a bigger gallery is a must or maybe art could be stored in their respective buildings (as sort of alternates) that you could place in the gallery when room is made.

"Alternate" art is not made by the artist's whim, but by you placing them on the spot. I like to take advantage of "in love/broken-hearted" while I can because they earn more money, but sometimes the characters lose their angst before a spot opens up.

-an easier way to keep track of people. Once you get more than ten people, it can take a while to cycle through all of them.

Having a separate category for focus would be nice; bring up only those who are focusing on learning and creating. I don't need to cycle through those who are focused on work because they take care of themselves.

-I'd like to be able to help the character's learning speed. Learning could go more quickly if there was more than one person in the studio. More people in the studio means more inspiration, and, ultimately, faster learning.

Maybe people who have achieved level ten could become teachers, or slip hints to people that they pass throughout the colony.

Also, fully rested or fully inspired people could learn more quickly.

-I'd love to see different disciplines of art, that could be used to help characters and game play.

I LOVE the idea of a landscape artist. As they level up they could create points of interest throughout the colony for inspiration. Also, as they level up gardens would last longer, meaning less maintenance.

Architecture "students" could be added. Expanding buildings or adorning them could be based on the architects' leveling up.

For those who want clothing and hair stylists, their talent level ups could mean changing the appearance of the characters in the game. Though, it helped me to keep track of who was who when their appearance never changed.

-More rest spots closer to the buildings would be nice. It took me a while to realize that the reason my sculptors were constantly tired is because I would put them on the bench next to the building and they only PARTIALLY rest on rest, but FULLY rest in the picnic spots.

Maybe a communal area for people to gather, rest, and inspire EACH OTHER.

-Lastly I'd like to progress through the dialogue at my own pace, I don't need to skip it (because sometimes it contains hints), just speed it along.


Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by lovelyheart615 on Sep 24, 12 12:29 AM
I would love to see Artist Colony 2 It's a lovely game! I'd like to see the following:

More buyers and a bigger gallery.

More variety in masterpieces and songs.

Include other types of art such as acting, crafts, ceramics, jewelry and fashion design.

More upgrades like shaped hedges, nice paths, gardens, statues, lamposts, hanging flower baskets, etc. Perhaps have the artists create some of these things.

A tab for idle artists.

The ability to change the appearance of artists clothes and hairstyles.

Some artists could have mutual crushes.

Don't have artists leave when the player can't handle them, just have the artists refuse to train or perform until happy.

A choice for how many artists you can handle for those of us who love the game, but have difficulty managing too many people.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by LadyWyntre on Nov 10, 12 2:52 PM
For the record, I would STILL like a sequel to this game. I love this game.

My husband actually loves it too, and he's the one who just asked me to go see if there was yet a sequel. Curses!

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by conni28 on Dec 17, 12 1:35 PM
More variety of arts could be included - poetry, pottery, chefs. Break up the singing into different types - country, rock, etc. Same with the dancing - add ballet. Allow the artists to have the two designated talents and then allow the player to chose a third for them to work on too. More puzzles to be worked out. There aren't enough. The game ends way too quickly.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by JeanSki862 on Jan 1, 13 8:39 PM
I found this game about as exciting as watching grass grow!

No buy for me.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by Puffaroo on Jan 23, 13 9:32 AM

Dear lord, once I got to about ten artists, it wasn't fun any more, it was just frantic clicking.

If it doesn't already exist, make the high-ranking artists not leave -- maybe above a certain level with all masterpieces? It's *really* annoying to miss a message that one of them is depressed and potentially lose a high-level player.

OR, if they do leave, *please* don't take them down to zero. Just drop one or two levels.

Otherwise, I love this game.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by kdorian on Feb 13, 13 5:03 PM
I was playing again and thought of a couple things I'd like - how about having someone with training in more than one area be able to create art that reflects both? Granted not so applicable with something like sculpture and dancing, but sculpture and painting could create items that partake of both.

As many said, mutual attraction and possible real relationships would be nice. And how about antipathy? A character who won't stay around another character, doesn't like their art/performances, etc. might make things interesting.

Collaboration between artists would be nice if it were fairly simple.

Rather than a blanket 'fewer chores', how about a number of different settings on the amount of chores to do? Setting a number of artists to chore work can be useful to keep them from getting unhappy, until you run out of chores.

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Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by PMcOuntryGirl on Feb 17, 13 6:14 PM
I'd love to see an Artist Colony 2. I only just started the first one, although I bought it many moons ago, but being unemployed gives you a lot of time to play games. I am really enjoying it and was hoping I'd find a sequel. Seems like a lot of companies are not producing sequels, still waiting on the next The Island: Castaway.


Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by zebra0610 on Feb 19, 13 7:57 PM
Is there going to be a sequel??? this thread has been running for two years nearly and still no word on another ac.


Re:Artist Colony 2? What would you like to see?

[Post New]by Sherbier on Mar 8, 13 9:01 PM
I hate the idea of mini games. I love the game as it is. If you would want to update Artist Colony, I would like to be able to expand for more artist, more land, more creative areas, updating the buildings, watching the buyers purchase the art work (more gallery like)... But mini games NO!!

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