University Bonus Level

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Re:University Bonus Level

[Post New]by iPuppy on Jun 11, 11 8:24 AM
I think the key to the level is the snack orders, from the times I've played the level many of the customers ordered snacks, the key is to serve them first and then go with the orders.

Kudos to those that passed the level and unlocked the expert score.


Re:University Bonus Level

[Post New]by idahocharlie on Apr 24, 12 9:18 PM
I think i could get the bonus amount IF i could seat the waiting diners. I can't seem to get everyone seated and served and out the door before my customers waiting on the sidelines are gone. this is the level that you earn expert at 230.000 (?) any suggestions? thanks!

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Re:University Bonus Level

[Post New]by Steffisews on Aug 3, 12 8:13 AM
I MADE IT! I had no, thats right, no helpers. How, I honestly dont know, but the snack delivery seemed to really help. Thank God. Now I can stop on this one. The bonus level I had was 215,000, not 230K.


Re:University Bonus Level

[Post New]by lamabdulla on Mar 25, 14 4:02 AM

i got 219000 + something

what i did was :
-serve as fast as you can to be able to seat the townies
-always have all tables full
-try to serve as much snacks as you can keeping the chain

be patient , very patient until all are done with the meal to see if they want snacks or not

and no i didnt have too many orders for snacks by luck
it was about 4 to 3 every now and then
just keep it chained as you can and be fast


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Re:University Bonus Level

[Post New]by lamabdulla on Mar 25, 14 4:25 AM
one more thing

the first time you have to seat 6 tables only
so you can have more than 3 in the end

thats wt i did n it worked

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