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Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by meisie99 on Apr 1, 10 3:29 PM
WOW! Very fast moving Time Management game! I was totally involved in it and didn't even realize an hour had passed. Bright rich colors, engaging game play, but I'm going to pass on this game for now. I did really enjoy it but these type of games really hurt my arm, and until I figure out ergonomically how to play without pain, this is a no go for me. Where were these games when I was 20? No wait, personal computers weren't even invented then...



Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by bigtracii75 on Apr 19, 10 12:58 PM
I down loaded the 1 hour game and loved it then i bought it and just completed to whole game and the arcade part also , you can get gold stars on levels if you manage your time right that is the point of the game , i have around 10 gold stars on my arcade levels . this game is great . There are a few bugs in the game and it does lock up , if you do not have it set to run with XP and not Vista , i had to change my setting and after that it ran ok . the only problem i had while playing was if i beat the level at the exact same time the time ran out the level would lock up but not my computer kinda weird .When you get in to the arcade level into the higher levels Grandpa and you move so fast with the RED BULL , you almost cant find yourself sometimes . You can pick fruit at 20 MPH real nice . Oh and another problem or glitch in the game when i was playing was a big screen saver looking pattern of fruit would come across my screen all i seen was a big screen of all the fruits all lined up . and some lines would shoot across my screen every so often . Great game . Cant wait for game #3 to come out . You almost need another person in the field with you besides grandpa , he is slow but he is a grandpa . When they do another game for #3 please remember to make the water come faster it really is a pain . Go play this I love it ...


Restrictions of games - not player's skills -- limit how enjoyable this game is

[Post New]by rr1050 on May 30, 10 12:18 PM
Loved the hour-long demo.
how your upgrades are limited, even if you have enough money to buy them
this game is artificially difficult -- they do not make it possib for your to make gold level in all the levels at the arcade level, no matter how fast you are, what combinations of animals or crops, or whatever strategy you try.


Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by txgardeningmom on Jul 3, 10 10:40 AM
I have passed all casual levels with gold stars, except for hunting animals in the woods. I am terrible at that. But on the arcade level I not only have trouble getting gold, it is impossible to get my animals grown in time to lay eggs or for the cows to give milk. any ideas?

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Jul 12, 10 6:11 PM
Demoed this game and while it has loads of potential, this game missed the mark in multiple places. It really felt as if it could be a great game... if not for all these little details that seem to really screw up the pace of the game. For one thing, it is very annoying when your character stands around while the grandfather has about 7 tasks ahead of him. Why can't she do some of the things too? Also, he is pretty slow moving. In the upgrades section, I can see you can speed her up but not him. For what, so she can hurry up and stand around waiting on him? Also, planting vegetables - sometimes you click and it takes, other times it requires clicking 2 or 3 times. When the vegetables are ready, same thing, sometimes you click and it picks them up, other times, you walk over to the truck empty handed and have to go back. Time waster. When special orders come through, why do they not take what is already loaded on the truck toward their order? Just all sorts of little things like this and I felt like this was more frustrating than fun. I think it's kinda sad because you can tell a lot of time & effort went into the design of this game, only to drop the ball on the mechanics. Hope if there is a Farm Mania 3 they get the kinks worked out first.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by CazGamer on Oct 8, 10 9:37 AM
I agree with many of the other posters frustrations, but of all the time management games, this one is still my favorite. Can't wait for Version 3.

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Impossible Gold Levels

[Post New]by Shane19 on Oct 24, 10 3:11 PM
musket577 wrote:One a player gets past level is basicially impossible to get a gold. Which, of course, makes it impossible to play the arcade levels. Very bad game design in this area. It is nice to just play casual. But I will probably not buy a 3. They need to play test their game better, and make gold levels possible.

This is exactly my problem. I have gotten three golds since level 10 (not counting the two HOG levels I managed to complete). Eventually, I stopped even paying attention to the timer because I knew I wasn't going to make it anyway. I guess, in theory, you can go back once you've purchased all the upgrades from the school, but I'd rather not replay every single level in the hopes that eventually I may possibly be able to finish them as I originally should have been.

I'm playing through the whole game, which has kept me busy for several hours, but the inability to get gold levels is definitely a large flaw.

I also echo the frustrations of how the tasks are split. One character stands around, while the other has half a dozen tasks lined up.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by orderlypanic on Nov 11, 10 7:06 PM
You can totally get gold but you have to be quick and keep your focus on the goals. Once you get to the Arcarde it IS VERY POSSIBLE to get gold on all levels except 14, 29 and 49. I have found these 3 levels in Arcade impossible to get the animals to reproduce before the timer.

**Certain levels you must have enough mature animals to produce the products before starting. You will have to replay these to get gold.

Good Luck and I can help if your stuck on a certain level.


Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by cubanita10 on Dec 5, 10 7:41 AM
Hello to all the fish, I have problems with my game Farm Mania 2, this frieze me, uninstalling it, and when I do it again still the same problem, can someono help me.

Thank you very much

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by soblessed57 on Dec 5, 10 10:01 AM
Just played the demo of this and neither my granddaughter or I like it half as well as we do the first one. Grandpa is as slow as molasses filling buckets with water ect. and takes to long to get helpful upgrades. This will definitely not be added to our collection.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Farm Mania 2!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Dec 11, 12 2:02 AM
I feel kind of weird being one of the only ones to give this a negative review but...I only did 35-40 minutes of the demo & I uninstalled. I play all of the farm games (IDK why...its not like I have secret aspirations to become a farmer!) and this was surely the least good out of all of them.
The movements were not really very...fluid. And there were too many times where I caught myself asking, why the heck did they make the characters do/not do this or that??
Like for instance, queuing up tasks ~ it got to be annoying & kind of pointless how that was done. The way the upgrades were....I didnt like too much about this game at all, sad to say.
Just keep in mind that I am a huge TM & farm/ranch game kind of player so I'm not just coming on here being a shnook.

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