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[Post New]by songsmith2003 on Mar 9, 10 4:42 AM
I have to agree. It's fine to be disappointed because there haven't been any good HOGs (I'd like to have better releases, too) but please post about it in Chit-Chat, not in another game forum. I bet you'd get a good discussion going if you went there.

I wanted to see what people were saying about this game after they played it and instead found a bunch of posts about no HOGs and other people disagreeing with them. Let's keep it to this particular game, please.

Now, I played the original Cute Knight awhile back and it was okay. There is more to do in this one, but the game is not very intuitive. Someone mentioned needing to rest. I only found out that my character could rest at home for free by accident. It was still a pain to walk all the way over to her village each time.

Jobs and classes were also problematic. My skills weren't high enough to do well in hardly anything, even when I used Exertion and Concentration. Then I discovered that even if I hit a monster and then spooked it, I still gained SIN. Apparently, you're supposed to run away all the time or spook monsters (or tame them) without hitting them. There are probably a few exceptions, but how do you know which ones?

The game could be a lot better with some gameplay tweaking. I can see how it would be fun, especially for the non-diehard RPG fans and younger players.


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[Post New]by SimpleAbundance on Mar 9, 10 8:27 AM
OLDBAY wrote:
Ok ...You might think that there has been 4 Great hog's in the past month..But I have to ..step in here ..from someone that that's all I play or buy "Hog's " There has been nothing ...I mean" Nothing "out in the Past ..18 days..sure there was a lot of duds not even worth downloading ..much less playing ..not to even mention BUYING...I wish I could play the other TM & Match 3 . Arcade.etc..But I can't.....".I can't remember"...A time that the pond has been this dry for this long..Since I have been buying games from BF....But ..Plus with Hog's... love to be in the forum ..I really enjoy everyone's feedback...good or bad ..really that's what makes BF, 1#..
So I have to disagree with you because ,,I'm a dire hard hog fan ...& I am been starving in the pond for the past 18 days..

Plus they are throwing CE's in as well for 19.99.$...& they really aren't worth they extra price...People aren't going to pay the 20 $..for 3 extra punches ...Well maybe they will at the end of the month ,,,when there's no games to buy.....BF has the largest..choice in games ..they have a top notch service ..I agree ...21 out of the last 38 games that have been hog's ..I bet you I played 4or 5.of them..That's how bad they were......Once again Just a opinion ..Can't speak for anyone else in the pond ...

But don't get annoyed with people complaining ...That's called A opinion...

You're missing my point. The point is that you have a lot better odds of finding a game worth your credit each month than fans of other game styles on this site. For every 2 weeks you go without a game that you're really excited about playing, fans of TM probably go closer to 4-6, simply because those types of games are not produced and posted on BF nearly as often.

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[Post New]by pinkorbit on Mar 9, 10 10:27 AM
groo101 wrote:
cmm288 wrote:Not to bring up a sore subject as I am not one to complain about much and this is just my opinion....

I am tired of HOG that are described as adventure games. I am a die hard adventure gamer since I was probably 2 years old, and that's 27 years ago. HOG are not adventure games. Call a spade a spade. I understand that in an adventure game you do have to find objects that allow you to proceed forward. But there are plenty of "adventure" games that are purely HOG. Adventure games have more dialogue, more characters to speak to, more choices to make and decide on the best path. HOG seem to be very linear and while pure adventure games can be too, there is sometimes the option for alternative pathways.

sorry but just my opinion.....


to the HOG fans, no one says you have to like the other genres of games, but it gets old going to forum after forum, and seeing complaints about no HOGs, do us a favor and stop being board HOGs. we don't really want to have to hunt the hidden posts.



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[Post New]by mclark on Mar 12, 10 3:08 PM
Will all you people talking about HOGS please go to a different forum!

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partner ending

[Post New]by venus27 on Mar 13, 10 1:01 AM
I am trying to get the Partner ending. Can someone tell me what to do--- i looked at the wallkthrough and did everything on it. Is there something I need to avoid?


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[Post New]by JennaChou on Mar 19, 10 9:26 AM
Ugh! 2 Pages on this forum trying to find a CKK answer, and all I learned from it was more about HOGs than I ever cared to know!

Trying to find where to learn magic?? And has anyone figured out a detailed craft list yet? Like including what the created item does?

Answering my own questions =

Out run all the little black mob and go left of the village to the desert to train magic, or sing in the church choir in the capital to train magic for free.

Working on my own item list, starting with Int/Mgc related items first.

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