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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Dec 23, 16 7:46 AM
I've had this game for a while but do not play it often. In fact, I've had this for weeks and have just now entered the 3rd location.

The reason why I don't play this often? It is soooooo slow. It's not very challenging at all. Very monotonous. Don't be mistaken that this is like the Delicious Emily games. At first glance, it seems like an imposter to the Delicious Emily games because you need to find a mouse and you need to serve customers. Also, you get to select the menu items based upon the prediction of which customers will arrive that day. However, this is not a Delicious Emily game by any means. It's a different game maker (not Blue Giraffe) who is riding on the coat tails of Delicious Emily.

Again, it is an incredibly slow pacing game. I play maybe 1 or 2 levels then I'm bored, off to play something with a faster pace.

The graphics are beautiful. Despite that, I don't think gamers should waste 2 credits for the Collector's Edition. Not sure why this is a Collector's Edition. It's a basic time management game with no bells and whistles. Save your credits for a better TM game, i.e., Rescue Team, Delicious Emily, Gardens, Inc., Kingdom for the Princess, etc. You will get a better variety of challenges from those games rather than this one. In fact, I recommend Heart's Medicine: Time Heals, which is made by the same game maker Blue Giraffe as Delicious Emily. Very challenging game with excellent plot and awesome graphics.


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