Day 7 challenge

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Re:Day 7 challenge

[Post New]by gohill on Sep 15, 16 9:35 AM
My most recent were:

Christmas gnome
Spring bunny

course, now that we are sharing what might work... watch NONE of them work.. (me thinks big brother might be watching )

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Day 7 challenge

[Post New]by GulfCoastGuppy on Sep 15, 16 10:17 AM
dreamfantasy wrote:
Myamae wrote:How do I get my pets to bring me iron chests for the day 7 challenge?

By the last challenge I could reach this goal by feeding me "oldest" pets, such we have during first levels, so Snow Griffin or blue winged cat - pets with simple food had most success.
I feedet them an wait for sleeping time, not waked up - so i feedet 5x and had 5 rusty chest.
But be carefull and fast - not wait by choising a feed for closing the eyes - then you recieve other chests

I hope, this will work so again in this challenge, I will do so again.

Dreamfantasy's advice worked for me last challenge...introductory pets, and if you have to use a "good" pet, don't wait for the tell. Good luck all!

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