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Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by Faylyn on Mar 29, 10 7:44 PM
The net. I have the pole and something that looks like a log. I've been to the walkthrough 4 times now and the places it is showing the metal harness looking thing and the net are in places that are not showing in my game. I've been to the desk and retrieved what I am calling a log and there is nothing else there. I've tried opening every drawer but it seems that is the only object to get at that location. In the walkthrough it is showing far left lower area where the metal harness is supposed to be. It is not there. Another location for the net (I'm guessing it's the net) is a little off center at the top of the screen and that also is an area that I'm getting no results with. I am so frustrated. I've come this far and don't want to have to start over thinking this might be a glitch in the game I downloaded. Can anyone please help me?

Follow up: Since original posting I have tried repeatedly to move forward with the game but cannot. I have written tech support and hope to have an answer from them soon.

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Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by Edenza on Apr 2, 10 7:31 AM
ember89 wrote:did you collect the items suggested? or are you finished with your "hearing?" if you are done and the "alice-queen" has disappeared... there is another door to investigate at the rear of the courtroom... if not, then you should go back up the stairs to her room and get busy collecting what your "defense" has told you to...

have fun

Yes I had everything but in the courtroom after the trial, the hint was highlighting that I go back out into the dueling/garden area so I was completely missing that door in the back. When I opened the game the next time, I saw it, went back there and finished the game no problem

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Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by Apadenska on Apr 5, 10 11:39 AM
I loved the graphics for Alice in Wonderland, but was ever so grateful for the walkthrough! The ending was not as I expected at all! Glad I stuck it out though.


Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by twitties_0406 on Apr 14, 10 3:07 PM
Chapter 7: The Cake
As pictured in the walkthrough, the sugar is on the book at the bottom left.
In my Inventory, it shows that I have not collected the sugar, yet it does not appear on the book or anywhere else in the library.
I have used a hint, and it circles the open book at the bottom in the middle. But when you hover over this point, it takes you back to the previous page.



Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by mildred4301 on Apr 22, 10 11:18 AM
one of the worst games I have bought. Hints are lights that mean nothing when clicked on. To get my money back would be great, if possible. I thought Rasputin was bad, (it was stupid) but this game takes first prize in the BAD category


Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by StudentOfTrinity on May 2, 10 9:05 AM
I like this game, but I believe I have hit a bug in the just-released Mac version: the flour (or is it sugar?) for the cake.

This ingredient actually appeared before I even got the cake quest, at the teaparty down in the grass near the tree trunk, while I was still collecting the cook's uniform. I thought it was a uniform piece, so I clicked it, but it went into my inventory instead of the list of uniform pieces. Okay, fine; but then when I got the cake quest, it disappeared from my inventory. And, apparently, from the game. Now I get hints that simply send me back and forth between the tea party and the bookworm.

Roughly where the sugar/flour was, a funny box appeared after I got the cake quest. Clicking it launched a 'Rush Hour' style slide-the-blocks-back-and-forth-to-free-the-key puzzle, which I solved; but I got nothing for solving it. No key, no secret ingredient, no message, zip.

This doesn't seem right. And I can't go on.

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Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by Eldalote on May 7, 10 10:23 AM
I'm totally stuck.
I'm in chapter1 and I've just found the door handle for the cellar.
When I enter the cellar I can't trigger any new task and I'm pretty sure
i've clicked the most of the dark area, including the floor on the center of the room.
Can anyone help me, please?

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Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on May 10, 10 5:23 PM
Hey Eldalote,

You may need to go find a lantern. That will be in the main room downstairs. Use the lantern to click in the dark cellar to light it up.

Hope this helps!



Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by forensicnut on May 13, 10 2:55 PM
I've dumped this game and gone back to it a few times now. I get so frustrated with it. I am still trying to find the source of the voice in the cellar........& I've clicked everywhere! I still can't get the next task (more light in cellar - find lantern parts) & before anyone asks me YES I HAVE COLLECTED EVERYTHING & IN THE RIGHT ORDER & I still can't get any further no matter how many times I click on the cellar floor!

I'm not even going to try again........ I want my money back!


Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by forensicnut on May 13, 10 2:57 PM
p.s. I even tried going out of the cellar to get the lantern parts &/or the crowbar..........useless!

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Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by serenity7x on May 15, 10 9:55 AM
i found the key,the door unlocked, the game is telling me to go thru the door, but instead of little feet there is only a hand and i cannot get to the next level. can you help me please?


Chapter 7

[Post New]by ormina_eg on May 18, 10 1:20 AM
hello all...
i am having a problem collecting the ingredients for the cake...
i was stuck yesterday night and today i visit the blog ans see that the flour is in the teaparty in the right part of the screen behind the mushrooms....but in my screen it is not there....i collect all the other ingredients,i solve the mystery box but the flour is nowhere...
can anyone know what i need to do???
thanks in advance!


Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland

[Post New]by Fireflight on May 22, 10 4:47 AM
I am stuck at picking up the last piece of metal and the hint keeps lighting up the doorway between the garden with the card guard and the bird cage world where one of the girl slaves is stuck. Does anyone know how to get through this part?


Re:Walkthrough for Alice in Wonderland HELP

[Post New]by jeffyleigh on May 23, 10 5:30 PM
I am totally stuck in the cellar !!! I cannot seem to click on the trigger in the cellar for the next game - or scenario! I am so Frustrated!!!!

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