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[Post New]by HostaHaven on Mar 22, 10 6:30 AM
You all are so funny! I played for 3 minutes and deleted the trial.


Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by piperdog07 on Mar 22, 10 7:11 AM
Wow! Only lasted 15 minutes with this one. BORING!!!

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by annatar on Mar 22, 10 7:11 AM
The game moves so slowly I thought it kept constantly freezing up, until I noticed that there WAS some slight movement on the tiles now and then. Molasses moves a lot more quickly...!

You don't even need to do any match 3 if you know the answer to the trivia question (or "riddle" as they called it) and type it with the given letters in the top right corner, so this is more a trivia game of egyptian history than a match 3 game. But if you click the letters too slowly or make a mistake, the time runs out VERY fast, and you die. Then you have to start aaaaalll the way from the beginning again with the very same questions. No replayability whatsoever.

The match 3 boards don't change either, they are always the same boring square ones with 3-4 different type tiles. No chains or locks, no excitement and no fun. The emphasis is on the trivia questions - which you can google the replies to if you bother - and not the match 3 thing.

This was the slowest and most incredibly boooooring game I've ever seen from Big Fish, and I can't for the life of me understand how they found it worthy to be the featured game. Deleted it after 14 minutes, where most of that time was spent waaaaaiiiting for the tiles to move....

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by peachycat on Mar 22, 10 7:46 AM
I stopped playing and uninstalled game after about ten minutes. v-e-r-y s-l-o-w

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by JessF on Mar 22, 10 7:48 AM
Very surprised this this was not soft released - or maybe that should be released at all.
Perhaps it was resurrected from some buried file somewhere.

I cannot find any positives at all! Lasted for 3 minutes.

Game cursor very slow - no way to turn off.
Poor music - though I see some fishies that it was OK.
V-e-r-y S-l-o-w! I do not have the patience to wait.
No way to turn off timer although I did not play long enough to run out of time LOL
Poor graphics.
Incorrect history - Czarina?

Oh well - on a positive note - tomorrow's game will be better no matter what it is.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Misty_Rivers on Mar 22, 10 8:17 AM
Thanks Poodle, you confirmed my suspicions. Just watching the tease video I didn't think much about it. Now I know.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by jewbaby on Mar 22, 10 8:29 AM

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Fransje66 on Mar 22, 10 8:34 AM
l will be PUNISHED if l make some mistake?

Wake up, game developers.

lt's 2010.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on Mar 22, 10 8:37 AM
Thanks for the helpful reviews, Fishies!

I'll go ahead and sticky this thread as the official comments and reviews thread!

Happy gaming!


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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Anam_Craite on Mar 22, 10 9:06 AM
I have to agree with everyone here but to be fair, I will say that the overall concept of the riddles is a nice variant from other match 3s out there. Unfortunately, concept alone is not enough to make a game successful. As others have stated, the match 3 game play itself needs far more work. The play needs to be faster, the boards more interesting, the ability to slide the tiles, etc.

I would also like to add that I didn't find the timer speed too much of an issue because as I played the matches, I continually received timer 'power-ups' which kept resetting my timer to full. My feeling is that unless you know for sure the answer to the riddle, keep playing the matches until you get there...

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Sante001 on Mar 22, 10 9:10 AM
I love M3 games, but after reading the reviews, I will skip this one. I notice that when a game file is small, there is not much to it. Based upon the reviews, my assumption seems to pan out. Thanks all. I will not waste my time trying this game.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by onemeg on Mar 22, 10 9:50 AM
It's not bad enough that you have to wait for all tiles to fall to make another match (a minor annoyance of mine but have let that pass in a few games that I enjoyed otherwise) but it only takes me about 2 seconds of realizing that I cannot click and drag the tiles to swap, but have to actually click click click click click... before it's deleted! Wow, was that one big sentence? Sorry I'm not awake yet!
Anyway I'm quite disappointed in this one as I've been waiting for a new good match 3 for a while now :/
I guess I'll go back to making gardens in Babylonia for a while!

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by GrandWeeze on Mar 22, 10 10:23 AM
I had to laugh out loud reading the first sentence of Belambda's review, "I lost the will to live playing the first 15 minutes of this game." Thanks for a good chuckle! Now I need to delete this game after downloading it.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by stone07 on Mar 22, 10 10:38 AM
I installed and played one level of the game before I read the reviews, as I usually do.

Firstly I had a corrupt install - had to uninstall and reinstall before I could play

Are you sure this is a new game - and not a reinvent from several years ago?

I echo all the reviews and uninstalled one more time - never to reinstall.

I am really hard up for a good M3 gaame!

edited for spelling - sorry

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by KitKat5169 on Mar 22, 10 10:57 AM
This definitely doesn't look or play like a new game. I like good Match 3 games, but this definitely is not one of them. Definite no buy for me.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Itsupikachu on Mar 22, 10 12:07 PM
I don't even bother with the trials of most match 3 games because the majority have timers. I HATE timers. I can never be fast enough and all they do is add stress, which I don't need. In my opinion, if a game is stressful, it's just not a game-it's TORTURE!

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Re:Isidiada - dumb & dull

[Post New]by knitnow on Mar 22, 10 12:19 PM
Isidiada - dumb & dull

Thanks, 'posters' for making me smile this morning ... I was thrilled to see a new Match 3 game today.. and then I played Isidada (is-a-dud-duh)... played more levels than I could stand, because I kept telling myself it couldn't be as BAD as I thought it was....which just confirmed my original opinion.

So, I checked this forum, thinking perhaps there was something about the game I've overlooked, and might salvage the experience for me. Well, I found my fellow M3 fanatics had already began this very deserving rant against Isidiada.

so, may i add my voice to the chorus...
1. You have to click each item you want to move.. instead of just click and slide... anyone that plays M3 knows that's the quickest way to 'mouse pain'
2. items move too darn slow, make that painfully slow
3. you can't speed things up by selecting more matches until the game considers your play compete
4. solve a puzzle/ riddle... huh, what's the point?
5. boring, drab graphics
6. custom cursor is annoying, and there's no option to turn it off
7. timed/untimed guess i didn't play enough levels to realize there was a timer, but agree, if a game has a timer, it should offer an untimed version.
8. music? i can't remark on it, as i never play a game with the music on
9. the greatest fault of this game is that it is BORING & simply not fun, presents no sense of reward for accomplishing large matches, or completing a level... (at least as far as I've brought myself to play it...)

Oh please Mr. BigFish, find us a great new Match Three game we can embrace & buy, buy, buy)!

My very special request is a game similar to
Land of Runes

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Rhowennah on Mar 22, 10 1:30 PM
Time for me to put in my two minnows here... Yes, I agree the game is very very very slow... and BORING...!! I played several levels before I was able to figure out how to find the clues... and still did not know I had a timer... This would be a good game for someone who is just starting out on m3's and didn't know any better... Come on BF... give us something to root-t-toot about...

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by shoelesshs on Mar 22, 10 1:40 PM
My Review after 1 hour demo:

Level: Easy. WAAAY too easy.

Playability: Fair. No technical issues loading or playing, but play itself was slow. Really, do the symbols need to spin 3 times before disappearing? Remaining symbols drop too slowly, then if you have other matches, you have to wait for those to spin and disappear, new ones to drop, ad nauseum.

Likes: Good concept of having to answer trivia; like ancient history themes.

Dislikes: Music gets annoying after a while. You cannot click on new matches until all the chain reactions are done, which makes game play even slower. I thought the trivia would be more history-related, but dealt more with mythology. Would like to see a word blank for answers, so you know how many more letters are left in the answer, and know which order they go in. The current random screen doesn't help if you were busy making matches and weren't watching when the letters appeared. Not very much skill involved - no real power-ups or bonuses for making large matches or chain reactions; you just reveal more blocks. The few power-ups that do appear are random- no way to tell if you are going to get one or not.

Recommendations: Just keep making matches, and make them all over the board because letters and power-ups are randomly placed. The only time I failed a level is because they letters just weren't appearing. I was making matches all the time, but you can't win if they don't give you letters. If you are an expert in Egyptology, it might be fun to just answer the questions and skip the game.

Will I buy it? Only if I have an incurable case of insomnia. I almost fell asleep playing this for an hour... I think this game could have some potential, but it is just too low tech and boring as is.

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Re:Isidiada - Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by SublimeOne on Mar 22, 10 2:41 PM
(snort) Huh? Wha???

Sorry. Nodded off there trying to play this ridiculous game.

I've got practically every match 3 out there but you couldn't pay me to get this game.

Frankly, I think some of the reviews here have been really generous with this game. Slow doesn't begin to cover it. Dull isn't even close.

The sad part is that in the right hands this could have been interesting. The concept of making matches to get letters to answer trivia (no, they aren't riddles!) is a good one. Put together varied boards, add in locks, blockages, bonuses. Throw in some word-based mini-games from time to time. Speed the whole thing up and make the timer optional. Bingo! Great game.

This game? Ka Ka. Big time. And waaaay below the usual BFG standard. Very disappointing.

Doesn't anyone at BFG even play these games before releasing them on an unsuspecting pond?

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