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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Oct 23, 16 12:16 PM
Hey Matty,
press the Artifact button. Open the 'Relics' tab. Scroll pages until you see the Relic 'Roaring Megaphone'. Now you know how it should look like. - Old school technics, used by police and in public, when there are no speakers installed.

@ Librarian2003
I experienced the same in shadow mode and with ghost (only Poltergeist).
Same problem, as Poltergeist is allocated to shadow mode.

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by Librarian2003 on Oct 23, 16 4:14 PM
Oh, I'd forgotten the Roaring Megaphone, sir_vival. Good catch!

Yes, of the ghosts, it was just the actual Ghost I had troubles with, and only the once - I used a ghost chaser thereafter!

I'm not sure I've got the strength of will to do it on this account, but we shall see...

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by nixe2000 on Oct 23, 16 11:08 PM
Seems like my problems with this room were not as bad as others have experienced. I had to reload the game 4 times (as described) but that only meant it took a little longer and more energy. I still finished with 1 and a half hour playtime left.
I did not play the ghost mode I just chased the ghost away. And I used silver tarra cards.
The megaphone is indeed weird: sometimes I could click it away although it was not on the "Items to search" list.

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by iamcrisco on Oct 24, 16 11:23 AM
Any details on the chest?


Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by mattygroves10 on Oct 24, 16 1:45 PM
I may give this quest the big heave ho. It just sounds too glitchy to be worth it. A shame, as I have all the charges needed, and am at the point where I have the stuff I need from neighbours. But I shan't buy the bits needed from my own 'photographers', and won't waste creature summoning scrolls on it.

Has anyone reported this to the devs? Does it matter if you do?

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Oct 24, 16 2:17 PM
Re:Helpful Links for Rooms of Memory

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Jun 25, 14 12:44 PM
To the Devs

To the Game Developers: suggestions of improvements for the wishlist

The only link to the Devs., tells nothing about problems to be reported.

I think as usual the Mods know already about this problem, as it's there duty to monitor the threads and it's contents. But it seems it's not in there tasklist to pass on such problems to the Devs. And it's not on there tasklists to check by to inform the players, or both of the above.


Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by DaisyNewbury on Oct 24, 16 5:07 PM
Buggy this Red Carpet event is. Like you all did, I encountered the messed up searching, messed up Item List, etc.. Came here to see if any problems logged and sure enough you all left your valuable notes. I bought that one item needed in Shadow mode, then changed modes to avoid Shadow again. Thanks to your notes I was able to work my way thru. Not nice when clock is ticking down to have these bugs. Hope they fix them.

Thanks again

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by mrssharon on Oct 24, 16 9:12 PM
I had all the previously mentioned glitches, having to reload because only 2 squares had search items showing, realizing when the game didn't complete when all search items were gone that I had to click the megaphone, etc. What a hassle!

I did, however, like the room. The hardest 2 items for me were the red shoe and the broken glasses. Once I got their locations figured out, I had an easier time of it. At least there were no items where only 5% was showing and you had to find it! Been there a time or two...

Dear Mods, please let the Devs know about this mess. Whatever happened to testing before launching???

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by elianchen on Oct 24, 16 10:47 PM
The chest contains:

150 Silver terra cards
50 Gold terra cards
7 Crystal Harp
1 Good Frame (Trophy)
10 Creature summoning rolls
5 Watch Bells
5 Phase Watch
7 Azure Grapes
10 Marble Algae
10 Solar Lamp
10 Hammer of Thor
8 Dragon Coin
10 Magnifiying Glass
8 Dragon Tablet
8 Latin Scroll
7 Fiery Seal
5 Old Amphora
10 Problem Solver
5 Paranormal Trap
20000 Gold Coins
2000 XP

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by thurber on Oct 25, 16 11:20 PM
Thank you so much, fellow ROM players, for the helpful information on this offer. Having done all the weekly offers at least once, I get excited when there's a new one. But more often than not the offers are disappointing to say the least. So was this one.

I wonder why the devs think that pretty rooms infused with tiny out of focus objects make for a pleasant experience. Or that rooms so dark objects can't be found will keep players coming back. I think they just don't care very much.

Personally I would like to see the devs take a hint from the rooms we explore every day and the early side offers - beautiful rooms with objects cleverly hidden. Well, except for parts of Japan.

This offer might have been pretty neat. As it is, it gave me a headache and will be added to the growing list of "never again."

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Re:The Red Carpet - New Offer

[Post New]by sassybarb on Oct 26, 16 8:46 AM
still will not work in shadow mode! and server down quite a bit too!

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