Todays Challange

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Nov 7, 16 9:38 AM
kkreisman wrote:Speaking of the game giving us unique stamps...I just did a complete round of the HOS's and received ONE!!! unique stamp. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow

I, too, have noticed that the unique stamps just don't seem to be falling at end of HOS. As a result, I plan to try to get them from feeding pets (hoping for gold chests because I think that is the only chest fro which the unique stamps come).

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Re:Todays Challange

[Post New]by 1457051 on Nov 7, 16 10:10 PM
Good post Jack.
I think I will try going back to when I just played the game, and didn't look at it as a challenge or something I 'HAD' to do. I really think I enjoyed it more that way.
I play for fun. Something for me to do.

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