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Special for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by groo101 on Apr 4, 10 2:05 AM
Donick2 wrote:What a disappointment BF we were expecting some great games for Easter for entertainment & all you can do is come up with this kids game AND expect us to pay

Worst thing you have ever done to your fans who spend big bucks with you

Nothing but a big let down!!!!!!!

Yeah I already know there are going to be heaps who find this funny BUT bet you aren't the ones who spend big time like the 'oldies' do

(p ) yuk yuk yuk

Have you tried it? it's fun and funny. and on rookie you don't need as fast of reflexes.


Re:Special for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by suzieque117 on Apr 4, 10 2:40 AM
I'm an adult and have owned all the Chicken Invaders versions. I love this game. It's so much fun even though I tend to swear a bit more than normal.

Thanks for putting out something different for a change as I was starting to get bored with the games all being the same. I do wish however this was a bit more different than the other versions. But we'll see how it ends.

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Re:Special for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by Pepper010 on Apr 4, 10 3:10 AM
auntann11 wrote:Oh my. Is it possible to get coal in your basket?

AuntAnn, I don't know about the coal, but given the time of year, it's definitely possible for people to get switches in their baskets. Lots of fresh new growth around.

So the chickens did you in?

I once was addicted to Space Invaders, when you played it on the big machine at a restaurant, etc. We had one at the little canteen on the base where I worked. I finally had to stop lunching there to get rid of the addiction.

Other than that, though, I've never gotten into arcade games and now, with wrist problems, my reaction time is too slow. But, just in case, maybe I'll take a look at it.

What I want is a game based on killer tomatoes from space. heh heh

I'm glad that gaming companies offer a wide variety of game types, and also offer games that start out as kids/family games, too. Games = fun and playing, and some of us like, say, blowing bubbles while others like whacking on a wiffle ball.

At one point I didn't see what the big deal was about Match 3 games. Then I tried a couple of really good ones, and now I'm totally addicted to several. They're now my tranquilizers.

So trying new stuff isn't a bad idea sometimes! That being said, I've tried and really don't like TM games--too much like my life when I was working, rush, deadlines, etc etc--but I know that many people just really enjoy them. Yeaaa for them!

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Re:Special for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

[Post New]by snailysue on Apr 24, 10 4:34 AM
Well I'm an 'oldie' too I suppose, being 61 and having been a bigfish game member for ages

I usually play adventures and Seek and FInds, but Chicken Invaders is amazing. It certainly helps my hand to eye co-ordination

Whatever you do BigFish - you do it with class!

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