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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Cursed here.

[Post New]by kdubs on Jan 9, 17 4:48 PM
Back in 2014 I played part of an early beta version of this game. Fast forward to today. Demo, purchase, play for 4 hours, and done! That's 4 hours that I didn't have to worry about real life problems since I was too busy trying to save the poor folks in Cursed.

It's a game that looks old-school and it is an adventure, not a glossy cookie-cutter HOG CE. There are some HOS but not an overwhelming number. There are a few interactive items in each HOS. For the most part it's just a big old decayed estate and you'll wander over every inch of it. Finding stuff...then figuring out how to use stuff. Relaxing.

Perhaps my favorite moments in Cursed came courtesy of the awesome creatures in the final 1/3 of the game. One minute I'm wondering how anyone will get out of this um you know alive...and the next minute up pops the undead skeleton. Eek!

Sometimes I was lulled into thinking too simple, then something that looked simple enough turned out to be not so dog-gone simple! There were several points in the game where I just had to marvel at the creative minds and the hard work that goes into making totally unique games. Thanks!

Edit to add: There is no WT here on BigFish, but search online. I found some helpful videos that helped me get unstuck twice.

Also, the User Interface can be locked "in sight" so you'll be able to always see your Hint and/or Skip button. If you prefer not to lock it, just place your cursor up in the upper right portion of the screen and it will appear. I did check as I played and found that yes, there was always a skip option available for every mini game.

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