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[Post New]by susielee on Apr 20, 17 9:25 PM
GOOD GRIEF!! I can't imagine having 75 friends or more! I only have 6 and that's plenty for me. How in the world do you go through such a long list and send gifts?? If you can only send 5 at a time, do you ever get to send gifts to everyone on your list? That just boggles my mind! Whew! Am I missing something?

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Re:Player 81725 on PC

[Post New]by SA__ on Apr 21, 17 12:26 AM
You can send 3x5 gifts a day at 8 hr intervals (at the moment 01:00, 09:00, 17:00).

I have 3 'groups' of friends
10 friends that gift me regularly and I gift most days depending on if they have a list up and what's on it.
Others I either I gift in rotation or in response to gifts from them.
Some are event friends that I rarely gift or receive gifts from but we access each others rooms as needed during the events.

I rarely delete players, generally only when they let me know their game has been lost and replaced with a new number or if they are event friends that have been inactive for a long time and don't have the current event room open.



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[Post New]by Sharp_Eye574363 on Apr 21, 17 8:50 AM
I have about 130 friends so I just gift by rotation to all of them. They are all faithful gifters in return and just know it takes me about 6 days to do a complete round of my list. It works for us. We've all been together a long time!

Correction: Most all of us have been together a long time but I have tried to let the newer friends know my method as well, and it does seem to be working for me as well.

Happy gaming everyone!

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[Post New]by GulfCoastGuppy on Apr 21, 17 8:57 AM
I have about 170 friends (having added one of you yesterday ) and also gift alphabetically. So about every 10 days for me. I didn't intend for it to be this way, but when we added friends for the Fall event...and never got the anticipated new room...I just started gifting all friends. Most reciprocate and seem to understand my method

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Re:Player 81725 on PC

[Post New]by MiniCleo on Apr 21, 17 4:27 PM
That "friend" popped up in my friend list as well. I deleted it.

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