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[Post New]by rbxcbe on Nov 16, 10 8:55 PM
I'm a big fan of this game and just finished writing my walkthrough. I know we can't post links here. I created my walkthrough on Squidoo so the url is basically / mall-a-palooza

I hope you find my walkthrough helpful!


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[Post New]by Jan3559 on Nov 28, 10 4:01 PM
lori, can you please send me the link for level 4?



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[Post New]by Jan3559 on Nov 28, 10 4:32 PM
thanks but I have looked and can't find it..went thru all pages? can you send me the link please?

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[Post New]by plumblsm on Jul 2, 12 1:57 PM
These tips and tricks are really helpful. Very extensive too. I was stuck at the Saloon Mall until I read this.
I've bookmarked this forum page to come back to as I progress in the game.
Thanks again!

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[Post New]by Pyanfar on Sep 11, 12 1:11 AM
When you can build the big stores first. They go up in price astronomically with every store that's built by you or the computer. Most new malls it's best to start by building any store in a location you won't buy back until the end, selling it and using that for seed money to build a big box or buy the next franchise you need.

After a certain point it costs you more to build new stores than it does to buy ones that the computer builds as soon as they are done. In the very last level when a lot of stores don't have neighbors, I wait for the computer to build them out, then buy them for $5K or thereabouts when building them would cost $8K or more.

Decorations matter for star points. Cleanliness makes your daily income higher as well.

If you don't have a security guard to run off a thief available, you can click to upgrade the store any time before the robbery starts and the thief is turned away. On the Arabian Nights "prisoners have escaped" level this really helps.

Does anyone know of any other TM strategy games like this one? I like this one a lot and would love to find anything like it.


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[Post New]by michael777110 on Dec 6, 12 6:11 AM
If you want to earn stars, then Fadd decorations (flower pot), change the incorrect employee, build 2 shops of the same types together, and upgrade your store to the max. Doing this, you would probably earn 10 stars.

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