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[Post New]by Alice_Pereira on Jun 3, 17 6:20 AM
I understand that gifting should be mutual, I am below level 300 and very poor in charges. Because, I use them all to get cash for the Mayan Runes I to get jewels, silver tarra and gold tarra cards.

I also keep my neighborhood below 100 and give at least one thing to everyone, everyday. I wish I could say I get back half the amount I send. My list always has the things.

But I do have some very generous neighbors that keep me on the loop with those special things I request some times.

Good luck I your expeditions.

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Re:Wish List Gifting

[Post New]by thurber on Jun 3, 17 8:48 PM
Indeed, the subject of gifting comes up every now and then, and there's probably no right way to do it.

For me, I gift all non-sleepers every day whether their wish list is empty or not. it's the one thing I can do for my neighbors besides helping with expeditions, to show my appreciation and even with over 100 neighbors, some are always sleeping so I never run out of freebies. There are reasons why a wish list might be empty. Perhaps a neighbor is redoing their list which won't show until they refresh their game. Perhaps they forgot. Perhaps they are more into competitions.

For an empty wish list I give flints, ores, or buttons (when available). Everyone can use these.

I'm not picky about most things, but unlike my more relaxed neighbors, I am picky about gifting. I pay attention to wish lists: I never mass gift. It takes very little time to gift. I dislike receiving things not on my list. There are always freebies. I do not want charges for current offers (unless on the list) and I do not want those swirly things. I appreciate flints and ores. If a neighbor gives me some offbeat thing, I give it right back. If that continues, I eventually delete them.

It might be better if I had the same philosophy that some of my neighbors have - any gift is a good gift. But I try hard to give my neighbors what they ask for and I expect the same from them. That said, I'm very grateful for my wonderful neighbors!

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Re:Wish List Gifting

[Post New]by Evalm on Jun 4, 17 12:49 AM
Hello Thurber, I, for one, appreciate your policy of gifting what is on the wishlist and not just giving whatever may be the 'flavour of the day', always a good neighbour thank you!!!

Lindsay x

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