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Re:Welcome to Mystic Gallery forum

[Post New]by xidcrikit on Apr 20, 10 5:02 PM
I agree with everyone else this game sucks.


Re:Welcome to Mystic Gallery forum

[Post New]by gogos67 on May 3, 10 10:04 AM
Can anyone help me find the bat not sure what level towards the end of game thank you,think on portrait 21 can't finish game till find the bat? Thanks I found the bat.

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Re:Welcome to Mystic Gallery forum

[Post New]by TisEyerish on Oct 5, 13 1:20 PM
This is the worst ever HOG. First of all, some of the items we are seeking are mis-named. For example...it is a life preserver, not a life "belt" we are looking for. Also, they use the singular when they should use the plural...example..."pill" is sometimes a pile of pills. There were many more that escape me at the moment.

The absolute worst, though, is finding the pill in the 49th puzzle. I have searched and searched, used the hint button many times, clicked randomly within the hint circle, clicked randomly in the area where the hint circle was after it disappeared, used the magnifying glass to try to find the d*mned pill. It simply IS NOT THERE. Therefore, after hours of tedium (because I stand not finishing what I start), I am left...helpless and feeling like I need a pill! Where is the stupid thing?? So far, I've played this level three times, running out of time because of random clicking and still no luck.

This game has not been a bit of fun for me. I'll leave it sit for a while and see if that will give me a perspective that I've been missing so far. However, in my humble opinion, we should ALL get a credit for this absolutely dumb game.

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