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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Trackers: Memories of Shadowfield Collector's Edition her

[Post New]by daggy_k on Jul 14, 17 3:33 AM
I started playing a bit yesterday and continued today. A while in, I realised that I had just missend a Zodiac sign, but couldn't go back to that location.
So I went to the menu, pressed Play and said restart. Thought it wouldn't be too bad, as I was just at the beginning of the game.
Played through it in no time, collected the missing item - and then, looking at the SG, I found that I was already through 3 of the 5 chapters in this game!
This is way too short.

I would love to have a chance in the Extras to get whatever I missed in the game itself.

The storyline is not inspired, but the twist with the psychologist is nice and should have been more elaborated.
Elf is a good helper, because he's unobtrusive and just useful. He even made me laugh in the scene with the cat food, where you see that he's not the cute litte lapdog he appears to be.

Puzzles and HOPs I found very easy to solve; no challenge there.
Just as easy to gather which inventory item goes where. No uncommon uses for common objects, everything can be used only for the tasks it's designed for.
A little more phantasy would be appreciated.
(And I miss the Crowbar, the universal tool for breaking, smashing, reaching, knocking down things and people ... .)

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Trackers: Memories of Shadowfield Collector's Edition he

[Post New]by lionscat on Jul 14, 17 5:17 PM
judy76073 wrote:I finished the game - I have all the Mystery Tracker games. This one was not bad, but also found it a bit on the short side - even though there were a lot of collectibles, etc. to find - again, no opportunity to go back and find the ones missed.

And nothing special in the "Extras" after bonus chapter has been done.

I find more and more developers are giving less & less "extras" in their CE games, which I find quite disappointing. I am glad that I was able to make use of yesterday's "code", because for a CE, I don't think the full price for a game club member was worth it for this game.

As I mentioned, not a bad game, but don't think it would have been worth the full price.

But it was a nice birthday present for me today.

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