Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Loss here.

[Post New]by asedba on Sep 7, 17 5:54 PM
Love this game can't stop playing it!


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Loss here.

[Post New]by fcec0289ly on Sep 12, 17 2:32 PM
bought the game and love it until it would not come on now I have a 7 dollar white screen when they fix the problem maybe I will like it better


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Loss here.

[Post New]by MarshallMadness on Sep 19, 17 1:26 PM
Pleasant graphics, horrible difficulty ramping. Levels go from super easy to super impossible in a hurry. In a game with soooo many random elements, restricting the number of moves is every bit as bad or worse than a timer. Great if your a "hardcore" match-3 player (lol) but I think most players that play this kind of game are not looking for a serious challenge. Stuck on level 51 out of over 200 levels even with power ups because the randomness of the color tiles coming down the "chimney" make it near impossible unless you buy about double the moves given, all the power ups, and get a really lucky roll with your ghost colors. Not a terrible game, but more play testing may have revealed some of the levels' flaws. Needs a relaxed mode. Badly.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Loss here.

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jan 7, 18 6:43 PM
Fun factor 3.5/5 stars
Graphics, audio 3/5 stars
Challenge level 5/5 stars
Storyline 1/5 stars
Overall: 2.5/5 stars

I told myself I wasn't going to buy this but finally caved in desperation for a new M3 fix and went for it, eyestrain factor and all LOL! Currently at level 121 of 210. This is the least cute looking of all of this developer's games (hey, that's not an amoeba tile after all, heh!) and I would still have liked more contrast between the background and the tiles to clear. Will give Intersol credit for having mostly new levels this time around with only about 25% of the game's levels being copied from elsewhere.

Soundtrack is annoyingly repetitive, and I shut it off pretty quickly, although I do like the sound effects for powerup combos. Most of the levels are doable with no or just a few powerups if you take your time planning out your moves, but the moves counter is pretty tight starting from about level 55 and there are levels where the strategy is pretty much "get the board to play itself". Unlike other Intersol games, there are sporadic HOS instead of finding a single HO in the map every so often. The HOS started out pretty easy, but get some teeth quickly and I noticed a random click penalty starting from around level 90. Earning coins seems to be much more difficult in this game than in other Intersol games, although I haven't tried finding "free gold" levels yet and haven't run out of coins either since I've been hoarding my powerups like a miser.

Other than the tiles to clear being hard to distinguish against the background, I'm not a fan of the disjointed and poorly edited storyline - just exactly what is going on with that cat and grandmother while trying to find their lost canary? The HOs are often mis-named or aren't quite what you'd think they'd look like either. Finally, I noticed the game has a few minor glitches. Toggling between windowed and full screen mode, or sometimes trying to replay a level or even deselect a powerup in the level popup window can cause the game to freeze or shut down. It's OK for a good challenge, but I'm glad I bought it during a sale.

P.S. - I'm pretty sure Flying Fish Quest was the next game Intersol put out, and now having completed both games, FFQ turned out to be pretty much Mystery Loss minus the HOS with a much better storyline and a better looking interface. I prefer the fish over the ghosts.

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