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Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by Weatherup on Sep 17, 17 5:26 AM
Stop making the levels as nearly impossible as you can. Once in a while a "Monumental" is great but when monumental has become mainstream it's just not fun anymore. If you can't win in 6 tries it becomes boring especially if you can't even get close. Waiting to get lucky enough to win is aggravating. I don't gamble or play the lottery ever because the odds are so stacked against you, it's a boring waste of money. Same principle here.

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Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by snowmanvt on Sep 17, 17 7:12 AM
Last night, my tablet was lagging and at the end of a level, I accidentally brought 18 waterfalls I never use at a cost of over 2000 coins. Luckily I have plenty of coins, but this just reinforces the need for a confirmation button.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by globetrotter217 on Sep 21, 17 5:00 AM
I can see where you are coming from, Gardenbird, but then again how are they going to reimburse the investments in boosts etc. of those players that have gotten through. That stage of the game is where I took the special offer of coins to be able to go on and I might not be the only one to have spent some real money there.

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Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by snowmanvt on Sep 21, 17 5:35 AM
I really don't care about my "investment" in earlier cities, mine with game coins. I love GD but came within 5 minutes of stopping in New Orleans because it was too frustrating. It would be great for newer players to incorporate gardenbird suggestion. I am not a game expert, but GD is the only game I have played that gets easier the more you advance.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by globetrotter217 on Sep 22, 17 1:11 PM
Wow, thank you jules, for this awesome effort.

Coming back to the "hard cities", may be instead of making them easier (which I really perceive as unfair to earlier players) the sequence could be changed. Why not put St. Petersburg after Nola, Havana or Cape Town after LA etc., etc. In this way it woild be possible to regain both coins and motivation before the next really hard one.

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Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by jbford on Oct 5, 17 2:05 PM
2 suggestions:
When doing helping hand levels I'm usually concentrating too much to appreciate the animations - it would be fun to be able to play them back.

The long city list on the right hand tab - could it say whether you have finished to intern,architect or master builder? When I'm waiting for a new city and playing for coins I'm forever opening cities to find there's nothing to do there.

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Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Oct 5, 17 2:57 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pop in here and let players know that the Moderation Team continues to pass along this thread to the Gummy Drop! teams. We will continue to be an advocate for the players and ensure that the teams are aware of your suggestions and feedback.

I also want to mention some items placed in this thread. In regards to the locked city threads, the Moderation Team appreciates your patience regarding these threads. The threads do lock after 180 days of inactivity, and it is recommended that if you see any of these threads locked, to reach out to an active moderator.

In regards to posts, please keep in mind that there are size limits as lordkalvan mentioned. Oftentimes players may see the moderators post multiple times for one entire response. This is normal and players are encouraged that if more characters don't fit the text box, to open a new thread to continue the message.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding. If the Gummy Drop! teams relay any information on changes within the game, we will post in the forums.



Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by murgatroid_98 on Oct 9, 17 9:53 AM
I wish we could bank some of the lightning bolts left over when we successfully complete a level. Even one in five or one in ten. It's tough seeing those go away unused.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by OOo_jules_oOO on Oct 13, 17 5:31 AM
This thread has been created for players of Gummy Drop to make requests about specific things that can be done in order to improve the game for all players.
Please keep all posts strictly to the theme of this and for tech issues, contact a mod or customer support directly, links on the home page of GD forum.
The idea behind this list is that the suggestions be sensible ideas and requests that will enhance the game, or fix an aspect of it that is not working well and needs a rethink or makeover.
This version of the suggestions list will be updated from time to time. If you have any new suggestions for the game, please post them and then if you could remove that post once they have been included in an update of this list, that would help keep this thread tidy and concise and easier for the tech team to keep an eye on it. It can sometimes take a little while to get around to updating the big list so please be patient.
None of us want to see this truly fun game ruined and we hope that the developers will take real notice of these ideas and consider the players thoughts and implement any changes wherever they possibly can, which is to the benefit of not only the players, but to Big Fish as well. As word spreads that the game is improving all the time, the numbers of players increases and therefore, so does the profit from the game. Everyone benefits by making the game work better and be more enjoyable.
And may I say, along with everyone else here, a HUGE THANKYOU to the developers for listening to the complaints made by players, and implementing some of the suggestions from the original postings. We do appreciate it very much, and hope to continue to give you more good ideas to further improve the game. It was a pleasure to remove some of the suggestions from the last posting and I look forward to removing even more when some good changes have been made in the future.


1. Confirm button It would be a huge improvement to have a confirm button, when clicking on any of the buttons in the game that give more moves, extended time, buy or use boosts, purchase coins and so on. These are often accidentally touched or clicked on whilst playing and as it’s far too easy to make a mistake, the confirm button would make a lot of sense. Many players have asked for this over a long period of time.

2. Buying extra moves. One great annoyance with the extra moves is that when purchasing them, you pay for 3 sets of 5 moves, and yet we may not need to use all of them in that level at the time of purchase. We should be able to bank the moves individually to use later and not have to waste the moves in the set of 5 that were not used. Each purchase actually pays for 15 moves in total (3 lots of 5) and if you only need one move to get a level out, then the rest could be used later whether they’re all used up in one level or multiple levels. But the player should have the option to use any amount of extra moves. Perhaps, the cost could be simply made as a set amount of coins for each move and buy them one at a time. As the cost of the 15 moves is 150 coins, why not just make it 10 coins per single move? That seems a very fair change to the game. And I would think that many players would actually buy more moves if this were the way it was done rather than the outlay of 150 coins per time.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by OOo_jules_oOO on Oct 13, 17 5:35 AM
3. Gold fever cities. Don’t have the gold fever events on Sundays in cities that have been completed 100%, as it’s not worth a player bothering for only 50 coins per letter. Please have these in cities that have levels incomplete so the player has the chance to earn the coins for the level plus the bonus per letter for completing the word.

4. Improve rewards for outlay of coins. A better correlation between the amount of coins that can be won and the amount of coins needed within the game for acquisition of boost/resources, and the amount of real money on pays to purchase coins/boosts. At the moment it is risible (laughable). Most players avoid paying real money like the plague because the system is seen as unfair and very ungenerous or mean.

5. Timed level issues. There are several issues within this section.

a) All timed levels should have the time extended. No allowance is made within GD for senior citizen players or players with disabilities. We often have hand problems (like arthritis) and we find these levels exceptionally difficult.
b) Also, in all timed levels, not only is the time far too short, but it actually starts counting down before the ‘page’ has even opened up to see the layout and many precious seconds are lost before you can even focus on what the first move might be, this should be addressed somehow.
c) When the board is shuffling, as there are no more moves, the time does not pause, nor does it pause when the gummies are cascading down after a move and this causes you to lose the level because you cannot make another move until the cascading stops.
d) Due to the incredibly short duration of all timed levels, a time freeze boost, or a button to ‘pause’ the play would be very helpful to players to enable them to work out the next move in order to give them a fair chance of completing the level. This could be most helpful with the players with disabilities and make the timed levels overall much fairer.

All these issues with the timed levels are frustrating, and particularly on very short timed levels as for example, a 30 second game can actually have only 20 seconds of playable time in it, this is grossly unfair to not only senior citizens, but to everyone.

6. Travel vouchers. Let us be able to use the travel voucher points for SOMETHING besides visiting cities that haven’t been opened. There are a lot of players who would like to be able to either trade them in for coins, resources or gems, OR, donate them to a friend to use. This has been asked for over a long period of time by many.

7. Resource mart production change. Another issue that has been asked for by a huge number of players is to be able to change production from resource marts. ie: if it is currently producing pink gems, allow it to change to produce blue hats if that is what is needed in that city. As the game develops, the resource requirements can also change for shipping or purchasing green gems. We know you overhauled them in Sydney, thank you, but there are loads more cities to go yet.

8. Resource totals. Please show the resources held in each city on the city list. That would make moving of resources much easier.

9. Resources won during levels. Please change the game play screen back to show how many resources have been won in real time during play regardless of the requirements to complete a level. It was very enjoyable to watch the total update and sometimes you need a certain amount of a specific resource to reach a goal, ie: buy a green gem, even if that resource is not necessary to the active level.

10. Updating individual cities. After an update, why do all opened cities have to be re-prepared for travel (or in other words, re downloaded all over again). This can take forever for those of us who ship and need to continually open those earlier cities. It’s a real pain, so if the update could be streamlined to not have to do this all the time, that would be great and a huge time saver for players as in the latest update, it was only a few cities that needed re downloading, which was a nice change.

11. Resource mart. Many players hate the new resource mart and the daily selling of resources for coins screen. It is far more confusing than it ever used to be, please take it back to how it was before, it was much better then. Players now cannot tell if they are buying, selling or anything else.

12. Tap to go Gummy. A screen at the ‘Tap to go Gummy’ stage that says:
Tap to go Gummy with Facebook, Tap to go Gummy with Google, and Tap to go Gummy with Big Fish.
Or something along these lines, then those who don’t use Facebook, won’t have to have all their little icons cluttering up the screen. It’s just an annoyance when you have no intention of using Facebook.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by OOo_jules_oOO on Oct 13, 17 5:38 AM
13. Infinite lives. There needs to be a system whereby the player can set the time that the infinite lives start. If you win Everest at 11pm at night, and are just going to bed, then you have lost your infinite lives unless you sit up till 1am playing GD! Or you might be away from home and not have time to play then and there but could defer it to a more convenient time of your choosing.

14. Boosts for Helping Hands. It would be really nice to also receive a named boost when buying a HH. The more expensive the HH, the more expensive boost could be included. I tend not to buy HH very much nowadays as I ship as much as possible, but if I was going to get a decent boost, I might be tempted to purchase the HH.

15. Statistics count. It would be very nice to have a count by the side of a tab (or a tally sheet that came up at the end of each level of the game) so you can see the amount of times you’ve failed to win. I think there are a few levels that I have played nearly 100 times before I lucked out. Nb: Gamers like statistics.

16. Banners on screen during gameplay. Please remove the words of encouragement that flash across the board while you are playing. And the banners that flash up. They do not enhance the game whatsoever and are particularly annoying and unnecessary especially with timed levels. Once in a while a ‘Monumental’ is great but when it becomes mainstream, it’s only aggravating, and if you can’t even get close, there is no point it trying to convince you that you are very close.

17. Shipping port on tab. It would be a an absolutely brilliant help to players to put a link on the tab on each city page to quickly take us to the port, just like there is a link on the tab to take us to the resource mart/s to empty them when full. It could say ‘ship resources from port’ or something like that.

18. Ability to convert resources to coins. It would be a great improvement to be able to sell or convert resources earned in various cities into coins, just like you can convert coins into resources when needed. A reciprocal arrangement for this purpose would be helpful for many players. Same goes for converting green gems into coins as well or use them to purchase HHs.

19. Ship to other ports. The ability to ship to ports other than the current city so those earlier resources can be built up to mine for gems, or purchase HHs if needed.

20. Look of the game. In many earlier cities, there are a number of levels that had gummies of really unusual and different colours and shapes. Some were like crystal see through ones, star ones, some purple ones too I think, and other odd ones from time to time. The game was certainly enhanced by having a new look for the gummies every now and then; it stops it being so mundane and keeps the players more engaged with added interest. Please bring these into the game all the time; this can’t be a very difficult thing to do, surely?

21. New boost idea. A new boost would be great to remove all the stickers on any level that has them, similar to the sunshine boost for the ice blocks. You could call it the sticker shock boost and it would take one layer of stickers off the entire board.

22. Coin bonus. It would be great to receive some amount of coins as a bonus for having a gummy drop three times in a row on any given level, where the board drops all of the gummies in one move.

23. Change resource requirements in levels. It would be nice to see a change in the required resources within levels, for example: an amount of green, yellow and red gummies to be collected, instead of the same old bricks, hats and pink gems. This would add interest to the game and be less monotonous for players.

24. Updates on cities. It would be beneficial after each game update, to mark each city on the tab that requires an update (as not every single one does every time) with a circle or some such marker to notify the player that the city needs to be re downloaded. It can be quite confusing going back and forth waiting for cities to download before you can open them again and if doing more than one at a time, this feature would be quite handy. Or an update all cities button would be good so it could just do the cities that require it at that time.

25. Defer scratch tickets. Can we please have the option to defer the scratch ticket to a more convenient time to scratch it, gift the prize and then receive the second ticket? Quite often, players are not at home or not in a place away that they can connect to a wifi service, which you need in order to gift the first ticket. Also, if the wifi is not working, the first ticket comes up with the words, to the effect of, ‘sorry, it didn’t work, please try again later’, but there is no later. It never does come back till the next 24 hours anyway, so why does it say try again later? The same thing goes for sending lives to friends when they have requested them, if my wifi is not working, it still tells me to try again later, but same thing, there is no later. It does not give me a second opportunity to do it later, so I would much prefer to be able to delay it to a better time.

26. Defer updates. As with the above scratch ticket issue, it would also be a huge improvement if we could defer the updates to a more convenient time to do it. This option is available for many other software and games and it isn’t an issue with them, so it should be able to be implemented for Gummy Drop players too.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by OOo_jules_oOO on Oct 13, 17 5:42 AM
27. Resource mart full button notification or automatic emptying of marts. It would be a great improvement to have a button or notification appear when any resource centre is full that says ‘empty all full resource centres’ and be able to just use that one button to empty them all or to have them automatically empty themselves without having to go back over every city which is incredibly tedious and time consuming when you have over 55 cities to empty one or more resource marts. Many players are exceedingly frustrated by this as it’s a waste of time and could be better spent playing the game.

28. Lightning bolts. In order to form a lightning bolt during gameplay, you have to get 5 gummies in a row, as we all know, by swapping one of the same colour into the central position of the line of 5 to get a lightning bolt. However, when the central one happens to be a bomb gummy of the same colour, it does not follow the formula for making a lightning bolt and players feel like they have been cheated in this instance, as even though one is a bomb, it is still getting 5 in a row of one colour, so the principle should apply for ALL gummies of the same colour whether they be bombs, line crushes or ordinary gummies. Please could you change this to make it ALL 5 in a row of any colour including bombs, to become lightning bolts.

29. Treasure chests. We know the treasure chests are now a different format to how they used to be, thank you for updating these to a fresh new look. But there is a huge issue with them now that I have worked out, and this will affect a huge amount of players. Previously, players did not have to be online in order to open the treasure chests, however, now you have to be online every 24 hours in order to open every single one of them, and if you want to get the bigger prizes the longer you do it, then you have to be online for 30 consecutive days. This is VERY problematic as many people go away for a period of time, whether it be for work, pleasure or just weekends away, or they may have odd days with wifi or internet issues and not be able to connect during that particular time when the treasure chest is to be opened. I personally go away approx. one weekend out of every four at least and where we go, we do not have internet access during that time, so I will NEVER be able to get a 30 days consecutive treasure chest. This is not fair, not only to me, but to pretty well everyone who has internet issues or who goes away from home. Please make the treasure chests NOT be an online thing but back to the offline way it was before, but keep the new look etc.
30. Back button confirmation on phone. A confirmation button after the back button has been accidentally pressed whilst playing on a phone would be very beneficial to players who have the misfortune of having a back button as this is a real issue to them as it costs lives in the game.
31. Facebook. Please have some way to remove a Facebook friend from your list of GD friends. Preferably so a player can remove the person themselves, but if not, then remove them from the list if that friend has not played GD in a period of say, 60 days, stop asking to send free moves or including them in the list to send other requests to. Some friends have not played in over a year, it’s also possible if a friend were deceased that the constant reminders would be too painful, and so they should be able to be removed.
32. Make earlier cities easier. GD is the only game where it gets easier the further you advance into the game. There must be countless thousands of players out there who download this game, find that it’s impossibly hard in the early cities and just simply give up. It’s not in anyone’s best interests to have players leaving the game so early and if only a small percentage of them stick around, then there is less money for the parent company BF to earn. Most players find that you ease into a game and it gets progressively more challenging as it goes along, not the opposite. Therefore, please update all early cities to fix up the particular levels that are horrendous and cause too many people to just drop out and adjust the ridiculous amount of resources required to build each monument as it is over the top and frustrating to players who might have to ship for days just to be able to build one monument as the cost to buy the resources is too high.
33. Shipping When the game in in landscape orientation, and in the process of shipping resources from any port, the box/screen that comes up when you touch the port that shows the three resources to choose from to ship, the right hand top obliterates the pink numbers. This is frustrating. It had been fixed in a previous update a long time ago, but a few updates ago, it was changed again and has now interfered again with the vision of the numbers. Please change it back again so we can see all the resource numbers at the top.
34. Keep city help threads unlocked. Could we please keep all city help threads unlocked to enable players to ask for help all the time, even if a city thread has not been used for some time.
35. Ability to replay helping hand and other animations. There is a lot of work, thought and research on the part of the developers to do the fun and really gorgeous animations particularly the ones on the Helping Hand levels, but there are others in the game generally too. It is such a shame that often we are so busy doing the HH levels, that we miss seeing the animation happening and there is no way of ever being able to see it over again. It would be lovely to be able to somehow replay them again. I for one would love to be able to replay over and again, the Beatles walking across the zebra crossing in Abbey Rd in London. I missed seeing it properly. It’s such a waste to go to all that effort and we can only see them once.
36. Banking unused lightning bolts. It would be great if we could ‘bank’ any unused lightning bolts that are left over when a level is successfully completed that have not been used. Even a percentage of them would be handy to be able to put away for another level.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by OOo_jules_oOO on Oct 13, 17 5:49 AM
Tidying up this thread
A great suggestion made by Glitter (in the seniors thread) would be for individual contributors to a few particular threads to remove old posts that have been dealt with, in order to clean up the thread and make it much more concise and easier to read, for everyone. This thread will be updated from time to time as needed, new suggestions will be added to the numbered section. So please, if you all could go back and remove the posts that have been covered in that, it would be great. Its easy to remove them, just look at the page, and your own posts will have a red X at the top of them, you just hit that, it will then ask to confirm it and go ahead and delete, or edit the post down a bit if thats easier. Thanks guys for your cooperation.


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by gardenbird on Nov 2, 17 2:03 AM
when in a city, if you press the yellow arrow ion the right hand side, it tells you all the HH that are still available to use and gives a list of uncompleted missions. It would be great if they could give a count of what is left for each uncompleted mission, instead of having to go back through the game and look at them individually before making up ones mind which mission to complete first


Re:Players Suggested Improvements to GD

[Post New]by gardenbird on Nov 2, 17 2:13 AM
Suggestion. I think the whole system of resource centres, resource ports, emptying resource centres and shipping from resource ports needs an overhaul. The Treasure chest appearing was an indication ( if you were not in your current city but elsewhere) that it was time to start the shipping procedure. Now there is no indicator as the Treasure Chest system has changed completely. I think the much disliked new treasure chest system needs a rethink and some indicator should pop up to advise when the ship has arrived in the current city that can be seen in all cities. For example, when in Monsterville, I really had to think about when I had last shipped and leave Monsterville to go back to my current city every so often to check if it was time to unload.

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