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Re:Please post any TECH ISSUES for Bad Dream: Coma here.

[Post New]by saskatil on Jan 11, 18 1:58 PM
I was going to play this game as part of a group play on a different forum. I was playing on my PC, Win 7, graphics driver up to date. Never had problems playing any game except Syberia 3 - a whole other story
I am an experienced adventure gamer, and love to explore and try everything. However, I had major problems with chapter 2 (Hospital) - regardless of choices I made in chapter 1 and 2 (I tried many versions) I was directed to floor 2. In one option there was a spider guarding the lift. In both options i tried clicking on the spider? under the operating table, and got a scene with what looked like a spider with a key sitting in a pool of something. This scene looked like unfinished artwork in one of the tries. Both times, when clicking on the key or trying to use inventory items that I had, I just got a black screen, and my PC actually shut down completely, requiring a reboot.
After a day and a half of trying, and selecting only the worst options, I finally got to the forest where again I became totally stuck. This time the only thing that shutdown was me - after 3 days, I 'retired' from the group play. I will uninstall the game later, possibly re-install and try again. Basically, I love adventure games, and your game sounded great, according to the journeys that others were experiencing, But I don't want to play your game if it puts my PC at risk.
ETA: Guess there won't be any reply, as usual a game forum is like a desert after the initial frenzy . Won't be back.

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Re:Please post any TECH ISSUES for Bad Dream: Coma here.

[Post New]by Rob_Blake on Mar 9, 18 10:42 AM
Valdy wrote:CleanN_Funny, if you have a drop of blood obstructing the image, you need to use something else to "see". Do you happen to have an eye in your inventory? I had this problem at another place, and needed to use an eye to "see" until the nurse healed me.

Valdy - You may not see this because of how long it has been since you posted your response, but I just got around to playing the game this week, and I got stuck on trying to zoom on the corpse hand to get the cigarette. Thanks so much for telling us about the eye. I had tried everything but that. Was ready to give up on the game until I found your post.

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