[Post New]by Hkyfan1 on Feb 17, 12 7:58 PM
My game tells me the copier is out of paper. The walkthru does not mention that fact. I did find the 4 posters of the cat and tried to get them copied . The copier grabbed the posters but it will not let me proceed. Can anyone help? According to all the comments about this game it appears to be a Dud!

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[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Feb 17, 12 8:32 PM
Hi there Hkyfan1,
If my memory serves me correctly, you find pieces of the cat poster (and a photo?) and need to assemble the poster on a board (above the receptionist?) and use this to make more copies.
I think the paper for the copier is also somewhere near her desk.
I hope I have remembered this correctly and it helps you to continue on.
I'm not sure about the game being a dud, I really enjoyed it when I purchased it as a CE some time ago.

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