Lamp Handle

[Post New]by MsPinkerton on Feb 17, 12 10:42 PM
Does anyone know where I can find the lamp handle needed to open the lamp on the roof in Mexico? Thanks!

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Re:Lamp Handle

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Feb 18, 12 12:32 AM
Hi MsPinkerton,

I found the following information in our walkthrough (for the standard version), I hope this helps:

Place the LADDER by the right lamp.
Examine and open the lamp; take the FITTING PIECE ( O) and the 2nd PART OF THE MIRROR (P).
Examine the broken lamp door; use the SCREWDRIVER to get the PEN (Q).
Place the LADDER by the left lamp.
Examine and use the PEN on the lamp and open the lamp door.
Take the 3rd PART OF THE MIRROR ( R).

Here's a screenshot of this scene:


Happy gaming!


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