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Apology to Chris and Boomzap creators

[Post New]by Joyfullady on Feb 19, 12 9:59 AM
Chris, I wish to apologize to you and your team for my postings about your latest venture. I am a huge fan of Boomzap and especially the Awakening series. So when I saw the mythological creatures in the demo appearing as demons from the underworld - I was shocked and so disappointed thinking your group had sold out to those who are persuaded they can't make a game without it being full of the occult, dark side, blood and death - I cried and was outraged. It took a great deal of coaxing from some lovely friends to get me to view the walk through of the SE and then to purchase the game and try it yesterday.

Currently my 86 year old mother and I are on our sixth hour of game play, without skipping any part of it! The game is incredible and as beautiful and enchanting as the Awakening series! The coy pond still fascinates us. If the ending is as good as what we have played so far I will probably ask to exchange it for the CE!

Thank you, and again my apologies - I will change my comments to reflect the same!

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Re:Apology to Chris and Boomzap creators

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Feb 20, 13 3:07 PM
even the one before this one is good.......................

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