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In need of help in the Stoneship Age - **spoiler alert**

[Post New]by netizen on Feb 19, 12 8:52 PM
So - I've turned on the beetle, snake and leaf pillars. Been to the raised ship. Got the blue page from the bed, made the book appear in the center of the table and returned the blue page to the library.

Now I have a red page that I got from a chest in the lavish bedroom, but I can't get anywhere from here.

The walkthrough says I should now go to the pump station, press the left button and return to the ship - then, going down into the ship, take and open the book, then click on the scene on the right-hand page to get back to the library.

Well, when i get down into the ship, not only is it so dark I can hardly see anything, but there is no book there. The table from which the book emerged before is empty and no clicking on it helps, and the book is nowhere else to be seen.

I'm fairly sure I've done everything correctly.

Can anyone help with this red page? or what I should do now?

Many thanks

ETA: S'okay. I figured it out

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Re:In need of help in the Stoneship Age - **spoiler alert**

[Post New]by captwesker on Jan 15, 14 4:03 PM
Glad you figured it out!

For anyone else who's lost, the batteries only stays charged for so long. You have to go back and crank the batteries back to full charge again to 'see' the book on the table.

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