Similar Games where you can create and design?

[Post New]by dthour on Feb 20, 12 2:20 AM
This is my favorite game! Does anyone know of similar games where you can [u]create, design, and market your own food items?

Someone mentioned "Rare Treasures: Dinnerware Trading Company" in one of the posts. I will check that one out.

I also will try continuing the game further this time around. I thought it pretty much ended when you became a Master Chocolatier and filled up the Creations page, (other than filling random orders). I always restarted a new game after that. Creating and designing the creations is the favorite part for me anyway.


Re:Similar Games where you can create and design?

[Post New]by smellnroses2 on Mar 24, 12 8:51 AM
there are 2 other games similar to choc. but not food games. 1 is winemaker extraordinaire and the other is lavendar's botanicals.

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