Get dark screen after hitting "PLAY"

[Post New]by dtvret on Jan 24, 09 3:10 PM
All of my Big Fish Hidden Objects games work fine except for this one. It will download fine but the screen goes dark when I hit "Play". It acts like it's loading the game then it just stops on a dark blank screen. It does not let me play and still takes away my free trial minutes. I have un-installed and re-installed and nothing works. I love hidden object games and Majong. Has anybody else had the same problem? This game seems like it would really be fun. I want to play but it won't.


Re:Get dark screen after hitting "PLAY"

[Post New]by quick_sand8 on Jan 27, 09 5:38 AM
I have installed this, uninstalled this, at least 4 times. The last time I did it, never played it and it said, trial expired. So I contacted Big Fish Games, they were helpful. 60 min. back on the clock. Reinstalled it again, still won't play...I don't understand it either, every game I have works fine, and other trials too. But can't get this one to work...
And of course it's one I would really like to!!

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