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the vines

[Post New]by grannnydee on Feb 20, 12 1:22 PM
I am having fits with those darn vines. I cant seem to keep up with them..Please anybody have any ideas? I sure would appreciate it

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Re:the vines

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 20, 12 2:12 PM
crrreeeaak... For some reason the noise those vines make when they start growing freaks me out.

The vines won't start growing until you've been on the board for about 30 seconds or a minute (?) so I work on all the corners or tight spaces first. That way if a vine shows up there and there's not an easy match coming in it's OK if it grows into a few other spaces. Also, if a vine starts to spread you only have to match the jewel where the root is and all the growth will also clear out.

I've noticed that using Trevor's bomb powerup will clear a vine, and that Tanya's free gold spaces powerup will randomly turn spaces gold even if they are buried jewels or the frozen blocks so it will probably change the space even if it has a vine on it. The easiest character to play is Ali since you can use the swap powerup to move a jewel around for a setup to clear a vine if it shows up in a bad spot (typically near the top of the board) and her third powerup is fast recharge of the swap powerup. Hope that helps!

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