Freeing the Mole King

[Post New]by LoriC729 on Feb 20, 12 5:13 PM
I have been stuck on this FOREVER!! I can't find a way to turn the water on to fill the tank after cutting the rope with scissors and giving the King his float...i have virtually tried everything and getting VERY annoyed with the Rat Guard always running into me...hahaha. If anyone knows how to get King out of the tube...PLEASE at least give me a hint...I have tried EVERYTHING!!!


Re:Freeing the Mole King

[Post New]by misz_curious on Dec 11, 12 2:42 AM
i know what you mean!! at first i was stuck too and it took me more than an hour to find it all out. You have to turn the tap on the second floor. You know, the one you needed the first time to lower the water in the tank.The red thing that's laying around somewhere at the beginning of the level.

the rat is really annoying!! I think he caught me about 40 times!

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