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UPDATED Mac version now available! February 13, 2012

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Feb 21, 12 5:26 PM
We have a new Mac version of Cradle of Rome 2 available now!

*This version is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

We apologize greatly for the trouble. If this update has not already populated in your Game Manager, please follow these steps to manually check for updates:

Click on Game Manager Options
Then open the Games & Downloads tab.

Under the Game Updates section, select Manually
Then click Check for Updates

Your game manager will then show you any available updates that haven't already been downloaded. For more information click on the following link to view our help article:

Game Updates in the Game Manager

You can also get the newest version by uninstalling and reinstalling your game. Here's the link to another help article for more information:

Uninstall / Reinstall a Game

*If you have not yet purchased the game, find the game and reinstall the trial version (when available) to play any remaining minutes.

If you have any problems, please contact our Customer Support team for more assistance. Just click on the green envelope on the right to get to our Help pages, and if you still need assistance, click "Contact Us" to the left of the screen to submit a support ticket.

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Re:UPDATE! New Mac version available for Cradle of Rome 2! Feb. 21, 2012

[Post New]by starsintheeyes on Jan 6, 13 4:45 PM
please update cradle of rome 2 for mac

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UPDATED Mac version now available! February 13, 2012

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Feb 13, 13 1:01 PM
Hi Fishies,

We have an updated Mac version available for Cradle of Rome 2! This new version fixes graphics issues on operating system versions 10.7 and 10.8.

**Please note: save files do not transfer from previous version to this updated version.**

To ensure you are playing the newest version, please uninstall and reinstall the game, steps on how to do that can be found in the following help article:

Uninstall / Reinstall a Game

If you have any problems with this game, you can contact our Customer Support team with any further questions or concerns.

Happy gaming!


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